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Construction Questions - All Grades

You can create printable tests and worksheets from these Construction questions! Select one or more questions using the checkboxes above each question. Then click the add selected questions to a test button before moving to another page.

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Continuing Education Construction
How soon should the return filter be changed on a brand new unit?
  1. After the first 50 hours of use.
  2. After the first 15 to 25 hours of use
  3. After 100 hours of use
Continuing Education Construction
Which M/A system requires MORE rope during a haul?
  1. 3:1 block and tackle
  2. 3:1 Z-rig
Grade 11 Construction
What is used to tighten nuts and bolts?
  1. screw driver
  2. saw
  3. pliers
  4. wrenches
Grade 12 Construction
Children and Bystanders should not be really close when operating machinery.
  1. True
  2. False
Continuing Education Construction
If a rotation bearing has an intital turntable tilt measurement of 0.110"-at what measurement should this bearing be replaced?
  1. 0.175"
  2. 0.150"
  3. 0.125"
Grade 11 Construction
       Pipe        and            crescent            are 2 types of adjustable wrenches.
Continuing Education Construction
The weakest part of a carabiner is:
  1. spine
  2. gate
  3. nose
Continuing Education Construction
Generally speaking, how much of an increase in the turntable tilt measurement from its intial measurement is acceptable before the rotation bearing is reaching the end of its useful life?
  1. 0.065' of deflection
  2. 0.050" of deflection
  3. 0.025" of deflection
Continuing Education Construction
If the rotation bearing mounting bolts are 3/4-10 high-strenght (Bowmalloy) bolts, what is there installed torque value.
  1. 275 ft-lbs
  2. 325 ft-lbs
  3. 250 ft-lbs
Continuing Education Construction
How many bolts hold the turntable to the rotation bearing?
  1. 16 Bolts
  2. 23 Bolts
  3. 25 Bolts
  4. 14 Bolts
Continuing Education Construction
How many bolts hold the rotation bearing to the pedestal of a LRV?
  1. 12 Bolts
  2. 14 Bolts
  3. 16 Bolts
  4. 18 Bolts
Continuing Education Construction
A person welding on a critical component of aerial device must be certified to what standard?
  1. AWS D1.1
  2. Certification not required
  3. ANSI Z87
Continuing Education Construction
What is the recommended lubricant used on the leveling chains?
  1. Wire cable/ chain lube
  2. Hydraulic oil
  3. Multi-purpose grease
  4. Motor oil
Continuing Education Construction
What is the recommended lubricant used on the ball joints and connections of the upper control pistol grip linkage?
  1. General purpose spray lube (WD-40, LPS-3)
  2. Motor Oil
  3. Chain oil
Continuing Education Construction
If the hydraulic oil appears to be cloudy or have a milky appearance, what causes this condition?
  1. Antifreeze present in the system
  2. Water or wax present in the system
  3. Engine oil present in the system
Grade 11 Construction
        Allen         wrenches are used for hex keys.
Grade 11 Construction
          Washers           help hold the bolt or nut in place and tight without slipping.
Continuing Education Construction
What is the recommended lubricant used on the outrigger inner tube surface?
  1. Dry moly spray
  2. Dry graphite spray
  3. Multi purpose grease
Grade 11 Construction
           Open end           ,       box      .               combination              ,             adjustable             ,         socket         , and         Allen         are types of wrenches.
Grade 11 Construction
         Socket          wrenches have 6 or 12 gripping points which holds nut or bolt heads securely. They require a           ratchet           handle that moves forward or reverse to drive the nut.
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