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Eleventh Grade (Grade 11) Construction Questions

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Grade 11 Construction
What is used to tighten nuts and bolts?
  1. screw driver
  2. saw
  3. pliers
  4. wrenches
Grade 11 Construction
       Pipe        and            crescent            are 2 types of adjustable wrenches.
Grade 11 Construction
        Allen         wrenches are used for hex keys.
Grade 11 Construction
          Washers           help hold the bolt or nut in place and tight without slipping.
Grade 11 Construction
         Socket          wrenches have 6 or 12 gripping points which holds nut or bolt heads securely. They require a           ratchet           handle that moves forward or reverse to drive the nut.
Grade 11 Construction
           Open end           ,       box      .               combination              ,             adjustable             ,         socket         , and         Allen         are types of wrenches.
Grade 11 Construction
You have to reach a nut which is buried deep inside a recess. What tool do you need?
  1. plier
  2. drive extension
  3. long screw driver
  4. jimmy
Grade 11 Construction
             Slip joint             ,               needle nose              ,                channel lock               ,              lines main             ,              vise grips              are different types of pliers.
Grade 11 Construction
             Adjustable              wrenches have           movable           jaws to adjust to fit many sizes of nuts, bolts, and pipes.
Grade 11 Construction
           Wrenches            are used to turn nuts, bolts, and screws to tighten or remove.
Grade 11 Construction
Pliers are used to        hold       ,        grip       ,        bend       , and       cut       wire and larger objects such as pipes.
Grade 11 Construction
                   Drive extensions                    are used to reach difficult or enclosed bolts and nuts. They add          length          to a ratchet.
Grade 11 Construction
You use Allen wrenches for                
  1. bolts
  2. nuts
  3. hex keys
  4. pipes
Grade 11 Construction
Bolts are            threaded            fasteners with a       nut      
Grade 11 Construction
                keep nuts and bolts from slipping.
  1. wax
  2. drill bit
  3. washers
  4. wrenches
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