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Eleventh Grade (Grade 11) Carpentry Questions

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Grade 11 Tool Safety
What is considered to be proper clothing for workers on a job site?
  1. high visibility cut off shirt, work boots, long pants
  2. high visibility vest, work boots, long pants
  3. high visibility vest, hiking boots, long pants
  4. high visibility shirt with 4 inch sleeves, work boots, shorts
Grade 11 Carpentry
What is the best saw to make a rip cut?
  1. band saw
  2. chop saw
  3. table saw
  4. scroll saw
Grade 11 Carpentry
Grade 11 Carpentry
What saw is best at making cross cuts?
  1. scroll saw
  2. band saw
  3. table saw
  4. miter saw
Grade 11 Carpentry
A dust mask or respirator should be considered when performing which task? (choose all that apply)
  1. sanding drywall
  2. operating heavy machinery
  3. handling leadlined drywall (lead board)
  4. cutting drywall
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