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Continuing Education Fashion and Style Questions

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Continuing Education Hairdressing
During the consult phase prior to the service which of the following items could be used to better understand the client's specific desires?
  1. appointment book
  2. hair color swatches
  3. client release statement
  4. history of taking vitamins
Continuing Education Hairdressing
When performing a virgin lighter on a client, the color should be applied:
  1. at the base only
  2. at the base first
  3. from ends to mid-strand
  4. away from scalp up to porous ends then scalp
Continuing Education Hairdressing
What would provide an even base from which to work during a tint back procedure?
  1. filler
  2. peroxide
  3. conditioners
  4. medicated shampoo
Continuing Education Hairdressing
Which of the following methods would be used if a hair color service results in a darker color than the client desires:
  1. tint back
  2. applying lightener
  3. double process blond
  4. hair color removal technique
Continuing Education Hairdressing
In a double process blond procedure after rinsing the lightener and checking for scalp abrasions you should:
  1. style the hair
  2. sculpt the hair
  3. mix and apply henna
  4. mix and apply the toner
Continuing Education Hairdressing
What process involves decolorizing the hair and then recolonizing the hair to the desired tone:
  1. toning
  2. recoloring
  3. cap highlighting
  4. double-process blonde
Continuing Education Hairdressing
Apply 70% alcohol to the hair strand for five to seven minutes to remove which of the following:
  1. henna
  2. filler
  3. shampoo
  4. a neutralizer
Continuing Education Hairdressing
To perform a bevel-under effect, the blade is positioned behind the section of the hair and moved in:
  1. long strokes
  2. curved strokes
  3. a side to side motion
  4. in a back and forth motion
Continuing Education Hairdressing
Which of the following angles best represents low projection?
  1. 0-30 degrees
  2. 30-60 degrees
  3. 90-180 degrees
  4. 180-240 degrees
Continuing Education Hairdressing
              Haircutting               is a basic foundational skill upon which all hair designs is built.
Continuing Education Hairdressing
                Blunt haircut                 is when all the hair comes to a single hanging level, forming a weight line.
Continuing Education Hairdressing
To be a successful salon manager, you must have an aptitude for math and accounting and understand :
  1. anatomy
  2. marketing
  3. chemistry
  4. physiology
Continuing Education Hairdressing
The chemical bonds that join amino acids together are called:
  1. hydrogen bonds
  2. peptide bonds
  3. disulfide bonds
  4. thio bonds
Continuing Education Hairdressing
The beauty icon who turned the hairstyling world on its ear with revolutionary geometric cuts was:
  1. Max Factor
  2. Vidal Sassoon
  3. Charles Nessler
  4. Queen Nefertiti
Continuing Education Hairdressing
A design line that is used as a length guide for sculpting graduated layer and square combination forms is referred to as:
  1. stable
  2. curved
  3. stationary
  4. mobile
Continuing Education Hairdressing
Being able to rely on your haircutting skills and technique when creating a haircut is what will build              confidence             ,         trust        , and           loyalty           between stylist and client.
Continuing Education Hairdressing
In order to get experience providing hairstyling services on film and TV sets, you should be prepared to                             for a period of time.
  1. work only a few hours a day
  2. volunteer
  3. work without implements
  4. immediately join a union
Continuing Education Hairdressing
Hair responds differently on various areas of the head, depending on the length and the cutting technique used this is called             head form            
Continuing Education Hairdressing
When are distribution and elevation the same?
  1. 45 Degrees
  2. 90 Degrees
  3. T to the part
  4. Horizontal
Continuing Education Hairdressing
           Trimmers            are a smaller version of clippers mainly used to remove excess or unwanted hair at the neckline, around the ears, and to create crisp outlines.
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