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Roofing Questions - All Grades

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None Roofing
When referencing roofing materials, what does the term "square" describe?
  1. Amount of roofing required to cover 1 sq ft
  2. Amount of roofing required to cover 10 sq ft
  3. Amount of roofing required to cover 100 sq ft
  4. Amount of roofing required to cover 1000 sq ft
None Roofing
Why must nails of the same type be used when fastening roof flashing?
  1. The nail will not penetrate the metal if it is a different type
  2. As long as the nails will not get wet it doesn't matter what you use
  3. The flashing will become week and fall off and begin to rust
  4. Electrolysis will occur if you use a different type of metal nail to fasten the flashing
None Roofing
This product is generally made of western red cedar.
  1. Wood shingles
  2. Composite shingles
  3. Roof shingles
  4. Siding
None Roofing
What is done to the roof sheathing when a roof vent is to be installed?
  1. Install the ridge vent first
  2. Cut holes near the ridge
  3. Leave the sheathing 3'-5" from the ridge
  4. No change in how the roof is sheathed
None Roofing
The term ice dam refers to the build up of ice
  1. on the gable end.
  2. in the attic.
  3. on the peak.
  4. along the eaves.
None Roofing
When applying asphalt shingles to a roof deck you need to ensure each layer overlaps the layer below it. Why is this done?
  1. Ensure water does not get in
  2. Ensure the nails from the layer below are covered
  3. Ensure the glue of the shingle adheres to the one below
  4. All of the above
None Roofing
What needs to be installed prior to the roof shingles being installed?
  1. Underlayment
  2. Step flashing
  3. Head flashing
  4. Roof cap
None Roofing
Where on a roof would ice and water shield be used?
  1. Trouble areas such as eves and valleys
  2. Everywhere possible
  3. Edges of the roof
  4. Warm desert areas
None Roofing
What procedure is followed when asphalt shingles are installed around a masonry chimney?
  1. Install step flashing, counter flashing, and then the roofing
  2. Install the roof, counter flashing, and then the step flashing
  3. Install the step flashing, roofing, and then counter flashing
  4. Install the roof and step flashing alternately, and then counter flashing
None Roofing
Where on a roof shingle do you fasten the nails?
  1. Directly above sealing strip
  2. Directly below sealing strip
  3. Through the exposure strip
  4. Very tip of the shingle
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