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Fifth Grade (Grade 5) Root Words Questions

You can create printable tests and worksheets from these Grade 5 Root Words questions! Select one or more questions using the checkboxes above each question. Then click the add selected questions to a test button before moving to another page.

Grade 5 Root Words
The root word -ology means:
  1. The study of something
  2. Plants
  3. Making of something
  4. Burning
Grade 5 Root Words
The following image shows what type of fraction?
  1. equidistant
  2. equivalent
  3. equilateral
  4. equilibrium
Grade 5 Root Words
The Greek root "auto" means        self       .
Grade 5 Root Words
  1. one
  2. small
  3. write
  4. two
Grade 5 Root Words
The Latin root "mov" means to move. What does the word "removal" mean?
  1. the action of taking away something unwanted
  2. to put something back
  3. the action of running
  4. a passenger vehicle that can move
Grade 5 Root Words
What would be the root word for nonscheduled?
  1. scheduled
  2. nonschedule
  3. schedule
Grade 5 Root Words
The root ped means:
  1. hand
  2. foot
  3. walk
Grade 5 Root Words
Two root words meaning "water" are        aqua       and         hydro        
Grade 5 Root Words
The Latin root "rupt" means         break        .
Grade 5 Root Words
Which Latin root means "carry"?        port       
Grade 5 Root Words
George looked through the telescope at the moon. The root word tele means:
  1. far away, distant
  2. to look closely
  3. to stare
  4. up above
Grade 5 Root Words
  1. four
  2. two
  3. one
  4. single
Grade 5 Root Words
If your teacher wants a transcribed copy of the interview you did for a school project, then she wants an exact copy of the conversation you had.
  1. True
  2. False
Grade 5 Root Words
"Stop distracting me. I need to finish my homework," Carl said. What does the root word tract mean?
  1. stay on tract
  2. to build
  3. to pull or draw
  4. to break or burst
Grade 5 Root Words
If bio means life, what does biography mean?
  1. a life dictionary
  2. a life saving device
  3. a life story
  4. a changed life
Grade 5 Root Words
Sally needs help transporting her furniture to storage. What does the root word port mean?
  1. a place to anchor boats
  2. the left side
  3. to carry
  4. to hear or say
Grade 5 Root Words
In words like megalomaniac and megaphone, what does the root word mega mean?
  1. many
  2. small
  3. large
  4. false
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