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Third Grade (Grade 3) Ancient History Questions

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Grade 3 Roman Empire
What body of water did the Romans use for trading?
  1. Red Sea
  2. Mediterranean Sea
  3. Atlantic Ocean
  4. Aegean Sea
Grade 3 Ancient History
What is a valley?
  1. An area of low land between hills or mountains
  2. An area of land near the coast
  3. An area of land high on a hill
  4. An area of land near rivers and streams
Grade 3 Greece
What kind of democracy did ancient Greece have?
  1. representative democracy
  2. direct democracy
  3. Greek democracy
Grade 3 Roman Empire
Roman gladiators fought in the
  1. Parthenon
  2. aqueducts
  3. Colosseum
  4. streets
Grade 3 Greece
What kind of government did ancient Athens have?
  1. Representative democracy
  2. Direct democracy
  3. Monarchy
  4. Dictatorship
Grade 3 Roman Empire
Grade 3 Greece

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Grade 3 Greece
Why were many people in ancient Greece traders or ship builders?
  1. Because it paid them well
  2. Because Greece is located near the sea
  3. Because they couldn't find other jobs
Grade 3 Greece
Democracy means government:
  1. By the people
  2. By the king
  3. By no one
  4. By animals
Grade 3 Greece
Because Greece has a lot of mountains and hills, how did they grow their food?
  1. They planted on flat fields
  2. They planted underwater
  3. They planted on hillsides
Grade 3 Greece
Grade 3 Greece
A government where everyone gets to vote to make the rules and laws is called:
  1. Representative democracy
  2. Direct democracy
  3. Monarchy
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