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None Beauty and Body Questions

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None Beauty and Body
The cuticle is the:
  1. loose and pliable overlapping skin around the nail
  2. the folds of skin on either side of the nail groove
  3. the skin under the free edge
  4. pocket-like structure that holds the nail
None Beauty and Body
Your finger bowl should contain warm water and:
  1. antibacterial soap
  2. disinfectant
  3. bleach
  4. bath oil
None Beauty and Body
Upon discovery of a nail fungus on your clients hands or feet, you must:
  1. disinfect your entire salon
  2. refer client to a physian
  3. ask client to wash with antibacterial soap
  4. dip hands in disinfectant solution
None Beauty and Body
Improper filing, injuries or harsh chemicals could be causes of:
  1. hangnail
  2. split nails
  3. fungus
  4. bruised nails
None Beauty and Body
Atrophy or wasting away of the nail is called:
  1. onychatrophia
  2. paronychia
  3. onychomycosis
  4. onychia
None Beauty and Body
Onychia is an inflammation of the:
  1. hyponychium
  2. nail matrix
  3. nail wall
  4. nail late
None Beauty and Body
None Beauty and Body
When not in use, nail service implements should be stored:
  1. in a covered container
  2. in an open container
  3. in soapy water
  4. in distilled water
None Beauty and Body
What are the effects of anaphoresis?
  1. produces an acidic reaction that forces acid solutions to penetrate the skin
  2. slows blood flow to remove simple skin blemishes
  3. temporarily softens tissues
  4. soothes nerves
None Beauty and Body
None Beauty and Body
Pterygium is another name for:
  1. overgrown cuticles
  2. blue nails
  3. athlete's foot
  4. split nails
None Beauty and Body
Which fingernail grows the slowest?
  1. ring fingernail
  2. middle fingernail
  3. little fingernail
  4. thumb nail
None Beauty and Body
The infection control practice that does not apply to cosmetology services because the skin is not being punctured or invaded is:
  1. broad-spectrum disinfectant
  2. sterilization
  3. manufacturer's directions
  4. purchasing chemicals
None Beauty and Body
None Beauty and Body
A good ventilation system and proper disinfection practices aid the cosmetologist in:
  1. public hygiene
  2. oral hygiene
  3. personal hygiene
  4. deodorizing
None Beauty and Body
What would be the result of applying higher volumes of developer?
  1. more levels of lift
  2. less levels of lift
  3. an increase in the hair's elasticity
  4. an increase in the hair's breaking point
None Beauty and Body
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