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None Other Questions

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None Hand Tools
You need to mark a line on a floor that is to be 10 meters (32' 10") what is the best layout tool to use?
  1. Framing square
  2. Chalk line
  3. Level
  4. Straight edge
None Tool Safety
According to Occupation Safety and Health Administration what is recommended when you discover a tool has been damaged?
  1. Nothing is recommended by OSHA
  2. Schedule to have it fixed, and continue using
  3. Use it carefully
  4. Do not use the tool
None Tool Safety
What is the correct ladder ratio required to safely set up an extension ladder?
  1. 1:2
  2. 1:3
  3. 1:4
  4. 1:5
None Screws, Nails, and Fasteners
Which is the recommended type of nail for fastening vinyl siding to the exterior of a building?
  1. Roofing
  2. Common
  3. Finish
  4. Duplex
None Roof Framing
A hip roof has a total area of 1,265 sq ft. How many 4 x 8 sheaths of plywood are required to cover this roof? Add a 15% waste factor and round up to the nearest whole number.
  1. 39
  2. 40
  3. 46
  4. 48
None Floor Framing
What is the name of the framing member that is added to spaces of the floor system to prevent the joists from twisting and bending? They tie the entire floor system into one.
  1. Backing
  2. Bridging
  3. Bracing
  4. Sheathing
None Hand Tools
Identify the tool in the image.
Carpentry Tools - Bar Clamp
  1. C clamp
  2. Wood clamp
  3. Bar clamp
  4. Pressure clamp
None Hand Tools
Identify the tool in the image.
Carpentry Tools - C Clamp
  1. Bar clamp
  2. Pressure clamp
  3. C clamp
  4. mini clamp
None Culinary Math
Four cups is equal to       32       ounces.
None Culinary Math
How many 1/3 cups equal 1 cup?     3     
None Tool Safety
To prevent and avoid injuries the employee is responsible for wearing the correct personal protective                .
  1. glasses
  2. helmet
  3. gear
  4. equipment
None Characteristics of Wood
Identify the labels in the attached image which identify the different layers of a tree.
A)       Bark       
B)                Cambium Layer                
C)          Sapwood          
D)            Heartwood            
E)       Pith       
Carpentry - Tree Cross Section
None Exterior Installation Techniques and Terminology
What is the name of the narrow strips of metal, plastic, or rubber that are installed in windows and doors which help to prevent the infiltration of water and air?
  1. Gasket
  2. Flashing
  3. Fasteners
  4. Weather stripping
None Windows and Exterior Doors
When installing an exterior door, polyurethane foam (expanding foam) is sometimes used around the door frame to ensure an airtight seal. Why must you be careful as to how much foam you are using around the door frame?
  1. Challenging to remove the access foam
  2. Can cause the frame to warp and distort
  3. It expands slowly
  4. It is not the right product to use on the door
None Building Materials
When the term "dimension lumber" is used for grading lumber what is it describing?
  1. Lumber cut to certain lengths
  2. Lumber that has been planed
  3. Lumber named by sizes (2x4, 2x6, 2x8)
  4. Any boards that are less than a 2x10
None Kitchen Safety and Sanitation
If you are cooking fried chicken in the kitchen and the frying pan catches on fire, how should you put it out?
  1. throw water on it
  2. pick the pan up and carry it outside
  3. smother it with baking soda
  4. use a Class A fire extinguisher
None Roofing
Why must nails of the same type be used when fastening roof flashing?
  1. The nail will not penetrate the metal if it is a different type
  2. As long as the nails will not get wet it doesn't matter what you use
  3. The flashing will become week and fall off and begin to rust
  4. Electrolysis will occur if you use a different type of metal nail to fasten the flashing
None Hand Tools
If you needed to quickly check framing members of a house to see that they are accurate both horizontally, or vertically, what would be the best tool to do this?
  1. Framing square
  2. Builders level
  3. Plumb bob
  4. Hand level
None Concrete Placement
After vibrating, what is the next step in the concrete finishing process?
  1. Screeding
  2. Floating
  3. Brooming
  4. Troweling
None Concrete Placement
When placing concrete in stairs or on a slope in what location would you start the pour?
  1. Top
  2. Bottom
  3. Middle
  4. Does not matter
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