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Eighth Grade (Grade 8) Other Questions

You can create printable tests and worksheets from these Grade 8 Other questions! Select one or more questions using the checkboxes above each question. Then click the add selected questions to a test button before moving to another page.

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Grade 8 Kitchen Safety and Sanitation
What is the first thing you should do before you start working with food?
  1. wash your hands
  2. measure ingredients
  3. clean the kitchen
  4. preheat the oven
Grade 8 Kitchen Safety and Sanitation
Identify the term used to describe harmful bacteria spreading from raw foods to other foods.
  1. cross-contamination
  2. parallel-contamination
  3. uni-contamination
  4. pseudo-contamination
Grade 8 Culinary Skills
What do you do when you have finished using a knife?
  1. put it away immediately
  2. wash it individually in the sink, rinse it, dry it and put it away
  3. place it behind the taps and wash it with your other dishes
  4. put it in the sink to soak
Grade 8 Culinary Skills
Many French onion soup recipes call for         swiss        cheese as a topping.
Grade 8 Culinary Arts
A buttery rich fruit used in Mexican dips, dressings, salads and sandwiches.
  1. lime
  2. mango
  3. avocado
  4. chipotles
Grade 8 Culinary Skills
These smoke-dried jalapeños are used to flavor salsas and marinades.
  1. chipotles
  2. poblanos
  3. crema
  4. avocados
Grade 8 Culinary Skills
Along with pinto beans, these beans are a staple in Mexican cooking.
  1. kidney beans
  2. black beans
  3. green beans
  4. lentil beans
Grade 8 Culinary Skills
This has been called the Mexican version of sour cream, or the Mexican version of French crème fraîche.
  1. queso Oaxaca
  2. mole
  3. cotija
  4. crema
Grade 8 Culinary Skills
This carbohydrate serves as utensil, wrapper and edible plate for Mexican meals.
  1. naan bread
  2. baguette
  3. tortilla
  4. flatbread
Grade 8 Culinary Skills
Identify the three core staples of Mexican cooking.
  1. avocados, corn, chiles
  2. corn, beans, chiles
  3. wheat tortillas, beans, chiles
  4. corn, beans, chocolate
Grade 8 Culinary Skills
Along with thyme, marjoram and bay leaves, this Mexican herb is commonly used to flavour soups and sauces. It is different in flavor from its Italian counterpart.
  1. parsley
  2. sage
  3. chives
  4. oregano
Grade 8 Culinary Skills
In addition to limes, acidity is added to Mexican cooking and pickling with this ingredient.
  1. pineapple juice
  2. corn syrup
  3. vinegars
  4. mango juice
Grade 8 Culinary Skills
This Mexican spice, used to flavor mole and desserts, is different from its cassia counterpart typically used in the United States.
  1. cinnamon
  2. allspice
  3. cumin
  4. cilantro
Grade 8 Culinary Skills
This fat, introduced by the Spanish, is the most popular type of fat used in Mexican cooking.
  1. margarine
  2. avocado oil
  3. lard
  4. coconut oil
Grade 8 Kitchen Equipment and Tools
When food is in the oven, it is important not to        open       the oven too often to check on food as this will cause        heat        loss and may result in improperly cooked food.
Grade 8 Kitchen Equipment and Tools
Hot air rises, though because of where heat is generated in the oven, the          bottom          area in the oven is hotter than       top       area in the oven.
Grade 8 Kitchen Equipment and Tools
The         broil         setting activates heat to radiate from the top element in the oven. Using this setting requires constant attention as food may quickly burn. Leaving the oven door slightly        open       may help to keep an eye on the food and keep it from burning.
Grade 8 Kitchen Equipment and Tools
Standard baking and roasting recipes may be cooked on the          middle         rack in the oven where heat is the most               consistent.              
Grade 8 Kitchen Equipment and Tools
Ovens have a        vent       to regulate thermal expansion. These are often located toward the        back       of the oven.
Grade 8 Kitchen Equipment and Tools
Recipes for baked products, such as cookies, may instruct you to          rotate         baking pans part way through the baking time. This is to facilitate more even baking of food.
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