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Third Grade (Grade 3) Quadrilaterals Questions

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Grade 3 :: Quadrilaterals by cherokeeicu
Taneisha is comparing rhombuses, rectangles, and squares. What do they always have in common?
  1. They always have 4 sides.
  2. They always have equal angles.
  3. They always have equal side lengths.
  4. They always have different angle measures.
Grade 3 :: Quadrilaterals by Meldawson
Choose all the categories for this shape.
  1. Polygon
  2. Hexagon
  3. Quadrilateral
  4. Parallelogram
  5. Rectangle
  6. Square
Grade 3 :: Quadrilaterals by Meldawson
Choose all the categories for this shape.
Parallelogram v2
  1. square
  2. parallelogram
  3. quadrilateral
  4. trapezoid
Grade 3 :: Quadrilaterals by farine06
Which of the following is a parallelogram?
  1. Rectangle
  2. Rhombus
  3. Square
  4. All of the above
Grade 3 :: Quadrilaterals by LBeth
Looks at the two figures labeled ABCD. Mark ALL of the statements which are true.

Diamond ABCD Parallelogram ABCD v1
  1. Both figures have 4 sides.
  2. Both figures have 4 vertices.
  3. Both figures are quadrilaterals.
  4. Both figures are parallelograms.
  5. Both figures have 4 right angles.
  6. Both figures have 4 equal length sides.
Grade 3 :: Quadrilaterals by pmcdonagh
Which of these polygons must have diagonals that are perpendicular?
  1. rectangle
  2. parallelogram
  3. trapezoid
  4. rhombus
Grade 3 :: Quadrilaterals by LBeth
Look at the 2 quadrilaterals shown below:

Square Parallelogram v2

a)Name each quadrilateral

b)Name 2 ways the two shapes are the same.

c)Name 2 ways the two shapes are different.
  • a)Square, parallelogram
    b)Answers will vary. Examples: Both have 4 edges, 4 vertices, 2 sets of parallel lines
    c)Answer will vary. Examples: The square only has right angles and the parallelogram has acute and obtuse angles. The square has 4 equal length sides, only opposite sides are equal length on the parallelogram.
Grade 3 :: Quadrilaterals by zozo5623
What is a right angle form?
  1. a square
  2. a triangle
  3. a polygon
Grade 3 :: Quadrilaterals by AllisonOlufson
Which quadrilateral is NOT a parallelogram?
  1. rectangle
  2. square
  3. trapezoid
  4. rhombus
Grade 3 :: Quadrilaterals by LBeth
If a plane figure has 4 sides, but 2 of its lines intersect or cross-over each other, is it still a quadrilateral? Explain.
  • Yes. As long at it has 4 lines or sides, it meets the definition of quadrilateral.
Grade 3 :: Quadrilaterals by LBeth
Draw a quadrilateral that has no right angles, no sides of the same length, and no parallel lines.
  • Drawings will vary. Accept any answer that meets conditions.
Grade 3 :: Quadrilaterals by LBeth
Name the only regular quadrilateral. Explain why it is regular.
  • Square. All sides are equal length. All angles are equal measure.
Grade 3 :: Quadrilaterals by AllisonOlufson
One side of a rhombus is 9 inches long. What are the lengths of the other 3 sides
of the rhombus?
  1. They could be any length.
  2. One side is 9 in. and the other two sides could be any length
  3. Two sides are 9 inches and the other side could be any length.
  4. They are each 9 inches long.
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