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None Ultimate Frisbee Questions

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None Ultimate Frisbee
An interception is when                                                       .
  1. the defense catches the frisbee from the offensive team
  2. the offense catches the frisbee
  3. one team intercepts the other teams strategy
  4. one team steals the other teams plays
None Ultimate Frisbee
None Ultimate Frisbee
None Ultimate Frisbee
It is a turn over when                                                                  .
  1. the defense hits the frisbee out of the air and it hits the ground
  2. when the defense intercepts the frisbee
  3. when the offense stalls
  4. all of the above
None Ultimate Frisbee
How many seconds can you hold the frisbee?
  1. 5 seconds
  2. 2 seconds
  3. 10 seconds
  4. 15 seconds
None Ultimate Frisbee
None Ultimate Frisbee
When holding which way around should you fingers and thumbs be?
  1. All fingers and thumb underneath Frisbee
  2. Fingers underneath, thumb on top
  3. Thumb underneath, fingers on top
None Ultimate Frisbee
None Ultimate Frisbee
How far should you stand away from your opponent when marking?
  1. 2 metres
  2. 1 metre
  3. an arms length
  4. as close as you like!
None Ultimate Frisbee
To start the game                                                               .
  1. The team that wins the flip gets the frisbee on the 20yd line
  2. the team that kicks off throws the frisbee from the end zone
  3. the receiving team gets the frisbee at the 50 yd line
  4. the team that kicks off throws the frisbee from the 50 yd line
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