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Ninth Grade (Grade 9) Vocabulary Questions

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Grade 9 :: Vocabulary by torresam
What is a synonym for the word SUBSTANTIATE?
  1. confirm
  2. diverse
  3. reflect
  4. stage
Grade 9 :: Vocabulary by torresam
Which word is a synonym for the word CAUTIOUS?
  1. prudent
  2. substantiate
  3. varied
  4. stage
Grade 9 :: Context Clues by szeiger
"The government first began recognizing the holiday through ordinances in 1885 and 1886."

The word ORDINANCES most likely means...
  1. a religious rite
  2. an authoritative order
  3. a piece of legislation enacted by a city
  4. a regular event
Grade 9 :: Vocabulary by Savoire
  1. city council; governing body of the local area
  2. supernatural fright
  3. somebody or something that is only of temporary existence
  4. a type of philosophy
Grade 9 :: Prefixes and Suffixes by cornels
The Latin suffix -esque, means "               ."
  1. a perfect copy
  2. the same idea
  3. in the style of
  4. in the end
Grade 9 :: Vocabulary by torresam
  1. to go off central topic
  2. friction allowing movement
  3. to shape objects by twisting
  4. to have a period last a long period of time
Grade 9 :: Vocabulary by cornels
Grade 9 :: Vocabulary by briannilynnn
  1. (v.) to challenge or counter something/one
  2. (n.) the use of humor, irony, exaggeration, or ridicule to expose and criticize people's stupidity or vices
  3. (n.) comparison of two unlike things specifically using the words “like” or “as”
  4. (v.) publicly supporting something/one
Grade 9 :: Vocabulary by Savoire
  1. ordinary, routine
  2. making a loud outcry
  3. calm
  4. walking about
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