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Eighth Grade (Grade 8) World War I Questions

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Grade 8 :: World War I by ankxo5
What Was WIlson's plan Called at the end of WWI?
  1. Declaration of Independence
  2. Imperialism
  3. treaty of Paris
  4. Fourteen Points
Grade 8 :: World War I by mkha96
In April 1917, the United States:
  1. decided to stay neutral.
  2. entered the war.
Grade 8 :: World War I by mkha96
Which other event occurred that drew the U.S. closer to the Allies?
  1. The resignation of Britain's Prime Minister
  2. The destruction of the Eiffel Tower
  3. The overthrow of Czar Nicholas II of Russia
  4. The invasion of the Vatican
Grade 8 :: World War I by Qalam
Which of the following was true of Black soldiers in the United States Army during the First World War?
  1. Black soldiers and White soldiers served in fully integrated units.
  2. Black soldiers served in segregated units often commanded by White officers.
  3. Black Americans were drafted into the armed forces but were not allowed to enlist
  4. Black Americans were not allowed in the armed forces, but were encouraged to take factory jobs in war industries.
  5. Because some Black leaders opposed the war, the government placed Black soldiers only in noncombat positions.
Grade 8 :: World War I by mkha96
How did the U.S. government raise money to finance the war? (choose two)
  1. took a certain percentage of each citizen's personal savings account
  2. sold war bonds
  3. increased taxes
  4. sent congressmen to knock on doors and ask people to donate their spare change
Grade 8 :: World War I by mkha96
The                       provided for a system of conscription.
  1. Selective State Act
  2. Selective Men Act
  3. Selective Service Act
Grade 8 :: World War I by mkha96
The National War Labor Board:
  1. increased food production.
  2. convinced more men to join the military.
  3. assisted in labor-management disputes.
  4. lent money to manufacturers.
Grade 8 :: World War I by mkha96
What was the purpose of the Committee on Public Information?
  1. to keep the war a secret from rural Americans
  2. to ensure that conscription was successful
  3. to unite American public opinion behind the war effort
Grade 8 :: World War I by mkha96
Germany announced that after 2-1-1917, they would attack both neutral and Allied ships. What was President Wilson's response to this?
  1. He increased trade with Germany.
  2. He agreed to let Germany have their way.
  3. He broke off diplomatic relations with Germany.
  4. He immediately resigned.
Grade 8 :: World War I by mkha96
What happens under this system of conscription?
  1. All men are required to serve at least three years in the military.
  2. Only men ages 18-21 have to join the military.
  3. Some men are randomly chosen to enter the military and some can continue at their jobs or at school.
  4. Only college graduates are allowed to join the military because they are more educated and will make better soldiers.
Grade 8 :: World War I by mkha96
In 1916, Congress proposed that Americans not travel on armed vessels and be denied passports for such travel. Why did Wilson and his supporters defeat this?
  1. It would limit the rights of Americans and of all neutral people in all wars.
  2. Wilson was hoping to make a trip to Europe soon thereafter.
  3. Passport makers would lose jobs.
Grade 8 :: World War I by mkha96
Grade 8 :: World War I by mkha96
President Roosevelt offered to help Russia and Japan work out a peace treaty. This meeting was held where?
  1. Vladivostok, Russia
  2. Tokyo, Japan
  3. Paris, France
  4. Portsmouth, New Hampshire, United States
Grade 8 :: World War I by mkha96
The War Industries Board: (choose two!)
  1. controlled the uses and prices of raw materials.
  2. assisted in labor-management disputes
  3. increased food production.
  4. controlled manufacturing.
Grade 8 :: World War I by mkha96
Wilson's battle cry during the Election of 1912 was
  1. "New Nationalism"
  2. "New Deal"
  3. "New Constitution"
  4. "New Freedom"
Grade 8 :: World War I by mkha96
The Food Administration: (choose two!)
  1. asked farmers and grocers to donate more money to the war effort
  2. increased agricultural production.
  3. asked Catholics to stop making communion hosts because it used up too much wheat.
  4. urged people to observe "wheatless" and "meatless" days.
Grade 8 :: World War I by mkha96
The War Finance Corporation:
  1. lent money to manufacturers of war materials.
  2. forced each citizen to give up a portion of their savings account.
  3. increased the efficiency of railroad lines.
  4. went bankrupt immediately.
Grade 8 :: World War I by mkha96
The                              was the foundation of the modern American merchant marine.
  1. United States Surfing Board
  2. United States Shipping Board
  3. United States Skating Board
  4. United States Marine Board
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