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Grade 4 Points, Lines, and Planes CCSS: 4.G.A.1
Grade 3 Circles
Grade 10 Circles
Grade 4 Solar System
Which is another name for helio-centric?
  1. sun-centered
  2. moon-centered
  3. crater-centered
  4. Earth centered
Grade 5 Sun
The sun is the center of
  1. the Milky Way galaxy
  2. the universe
  3. our solar system
Grade 7 The Frontier
San Felipe de Austin was organized in 1824 as a
  1. shipping center
  2. presidio
  3. mission town
  4. government center
Grade 7 Periodic Table and Elements
Grade 6 Word Processing
Grade 7 Technology
Grade 6 Cell Structure and Function
None Medical Terms
(401) The manage access to care (ATC) tools are available in the Composite Health Care System
(CHCS) and are also located on the web at the
  1. TRICARE Access Center.
  2. Managed Care Tools Center.
  3. Managed Care Access Center.
  4. TRICARE Operations Center.
Grade 10 Tectonics
Tectonic plates interact at places called plate
  1. reversals
  2. boundaries
  3. regions
  4. centers
Grade 3 Circles
Name the part of the circle below.
Circle with Diameter
  1. radius
  2. diameter
  3. center
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