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Grade 5 Spelling
Grade 11 World War II
Executive Order 9066 dealt with...
  1. construction of defense plants
  2. internment of Japanese Americans
  3. racial discrimination in the armed forces
  4. emergency defense spending
  5. rationing
Grade 5 Executive Branch
The head of the Executive Branch in the state is
  1. President
  2. Senator
  3. Governor
  4. Legislature
Grade 8 Executive Branch
Who is the head of the executive branch?
  1. Congress
  2. Supreme Court
  3. Governor
  4. President
Grade 4 Executive Branch
The Executive Branch of government refers to
  1. the Supreme Court, and other judges
  2. the President, a governor, or mayor
  3. the Senate, the House of Representatives
  4. none of these
Grade 6 Executive Branch
The Executive Branch is headed by the?
  1. President of the United States
  2. Congress
  3. Supreme Court
  4. Capitol Hil
Grade 3 Executive Branch
The job of the executive branch is to                   .
  1. make the laws
  2. enforce the laws
  3. interpret the laws
Grade 4 Executive Branch
The executive branch of the government
  1. makes the laws
  2. makes sure the laws are carried out
  3. makes sure the laws are fair
  4. appeals the laws
Grade 2 Executive Branch
The chief executive of the United States is...
  1. The Governor
  2. The Mayor
  3. The President
Grade 6 Executive Branch
Who is in charge of the Executive Branch?
  1. Congress
  2. President
  3. Supreme Court
College Culinary Skills
Identify the role of the Executive Chef.
  1. pastry chef
  2. in charge of prepared meats dishes
  3. communicates between front of house and kitchen, makes sure meals are placed properly
  4. manager of the entire food service operation
Grade 10 US Government
Grade 6 Executive Branch
Which branch of the national government enforces the law?
  1. executive
  2. federal
  3. judicial
  4. legislative
Grade 4 Spelling
Choose the correct spelling.
  1. executave
  2. executive
  3. executtive
Grade 4 Executive Branch
The Executive Branch of the government is responsible for
  1. voting on important issues, confirming appointments, and writing laws
  2. determining whether a law or the Constitution has been violated
  3. enforcing laws and protecting the Constitution and the Nation
  4. none of these
Grade 3 Executive Branch
What is the job of the executive branch?
  1. this branch can approve of or veto laws and makes sure the laws are carried out
  2. this branch makes sure the laws agree with the constitution
  3. this branch makes the laws
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