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Grade 4 Simple Machines
The tools shown are a combination of which two simple machines?
Spring - Garden Tools
  1. lever and screw
  2. wedge and lever
  3. screw and pulley
  4. pulley and wedge
Grade 2 Children's Literature
How did Alan figure out where Fritz was?
  1. He saw tracks.
  2. He heard him barking.
  3. He found his lost collar.
  4. He saw a man capture him.
Grade 2 Children's Literature
Grade 2 Children's Literature
Grade 2 Children's Literature
Fritz tried to go into the garden. What was the problem?
  1. He wasn't wearing his collar.
  2. Mr. Gasazi was a very mean man.
  3. No dogs were allowed in the garden.
  4. Miss Hester was going to be home soon.
Grade 2 Children's Literature
Alan hid his hat under his shirt. Why did he do this?
  1. His head was too hot.
  2. Fritz wanted to wear it.
  3. He didn't want to lose it.
  4. Fritz liked to chew on hats.
Grade 2 Children's Literature
What did Fritz have at the end of the story?
  1. a bone
  2. his ball
  3. some food
  4. Alan's hat
Grade 2 Children's Literature
What did Gasazi the Great say he did to dogs?
  1. shooed them away
  2. played fetch with them
  3. turned them into ducks
  4. taught them new tricks
Grade 2 Children's Literature
How did Fritz tell Alan he was ready for a walk?
  1. He barked really loud.
  2. He bit Alan on the nose.
  3. He brought him his leash.
  4. He opened the door and walked out.
Grade 2 Children's Literature
Grade 2 Children's Literature
Miss Hester was invited to visit her cousin. What did her cousin ask her to do?
  1. bring a present
  2. take the late train
  3. leave her dog at home
  4. stay for a whole month
Grade 7 Prepositions
College The Rocking Horse Winner
Grade 1 Creation and the Fall of Man
What beautiful home did God give Adam and Eve?
  1. A cave
  2. A house
  3. The Garden of Eden
Grade 9 African Geography
What does the word bush mean in "bushmeat"?
  1. A bush
  2. A forest
  3. A tree
  4. A garden
Grade 10 The Maze Runner
What job does Thomas want?
  1. Runner
  2. Cutter
  3. Gardener
  4. Janitor
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