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Grade 5 Economics
The type of system the United States uses for buying and selling is called a
  1. free system
  2. consumer driven system
  3. market system
  4. democratic system
Grade 11 Economics
Grade 11 Economics
Price leadership
  1. exists only in pure monopolies
  2. exists in competition among sole proprietorships
  3. is used in oligopolies to control the price of a good
  4. is illegal
Grade 11 Economics
Each of the following is a condition necessary for the existence of perfect competition except
  1. the good or service must have many sellers available
  2. the good or service being offered by one competing firm must be identical to those offered by other firms
  3. there must be no control over price by any one firm
  4. there are barriers to entry in this type of market.
Grade 11 Economics
Grade 5 Great Depression
What is a Stock Market?
  1. A place where people can buy and sell produce
  2. A place where things are stocked
  3. A place where people can buy and sell shares of businesses
Grade 11 Economics
In pure competition, the products of the firm are
  1. quite similar
  2. exactly the same
  3. quite different
  4. totally different
Grade 11 Economics
In a Monopolistic Competition market, firms usually sell products that are
  1. close substitutes
  2. completely different
  3. complementary
  4. identical
Grade 11 Economics
Which of the following is not a type of monopoly?
  1. natural
  2. geographic
  3. technological
  4. oligopolistic
Grade 11 Economics
The market structure that involves the most competition is
  1. perfect competition
  2. monopoly
  3. monopolistic competition
  4. oligopoly
Grade 11 Economics
The market structure with the most control over prices is
  1. perfect competition
  2. monopolistic competition
  3. oligopoly
  4. monopoly
Grade 11 Economics
Which of the following is the best example of perfect competition?
  1. wheat crop
  2. an electric power company
  3. the defense industry
  4. the automotive industry
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