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Grade 4 Spelling CCSS: L.4.2d
Choose the correctly spelled SPELLING word.
  1. online
  2. onnline
  3. onlin
  4. onlinne
Grade 5 Technology
Not connected to the internet.
  1. online
  2. not online
  3. address
  4. offline
Grade 11 Personal Finance
Which of the following is typically not a good place to find a deal?
  1. Online auctions
  2. Consignment shops
  3. Individuals
  4. Mall
Grade 9 Author's Purpose CCSS: CCRA.R.2, RI.9-10.2

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Why did the author create this passage about online security?
  1. To provide people with ways to stay safe online
  2. To introduce some of the key terms involved with staying safe online
  3. To make people aware of the threats found online
  4. To put an end to cyberbullying and other online attacks
College Finance
What are the two basic categories of brokers?
  1. Discount, Online
  2. Discount, Full-service
  3. Full-service, Online
  4. Custom, Full-Service
  5. Custom, Discount
Grade 10 Management Information Systems
Which of the following do transactional e-commerce businesses provide?
  1. Sale of goods and services.
  2. Sale of goods only.
  3. Online sale of goods.
  4. Online sale of transactions.
College Medical Insurance and Billing
The online error-edit process allows providers to:
  1. decrease labor costs by freeing of staff of other duties
  2. correct claim errors prior to transmission of the claim
  3. reduce postage fees and trips to the post office
  4. reduce storage of claims
Grade 11 Personal Finance
Grade 12 Compare and Contrast CCSS: CCRA.R.3, RI.11-12.3, RST.11-12.3

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What is the primary difference between online and in person classes?
  1. The quality of education
  2. The variety of majors
  3. The accessibility of classes
  4. The number of instructors
Grade 11 Business Technology
Which of these is not a reason that people choose to shop online?
  1. convenience
  2. security
  3. wider range of products
  4. customer service
Grade 10 Management Information Systems
Which of the following best describes a Business-to-Business?
  1. Sale of goods online to a consumer.
  2. Sale of goods online to many consumers.
  3. Sale of goods to a business from a Brick and Mortar business.
  4. Sale of goods to a business online only.
Grade 11 Word Processing
The process of scanning paper forms used in the business world into electronic forms
  1. electronic forms
  2. digital forms
  3. online forms
  4. scanned forms
Grade 7 Making Inferences and Drawing Conclusions CCSS: CCRA.R.1, RI.7.1, RST.6-8.1

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Which statement about online privacy settings is most likely true?
  1. They are not considered infallible.
  2. They are easy for someone to hack and change.
  3. They are guaranteed to protect your online data.
  4. They are automatically put in place when you go online.
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