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Grade 9 Arithmetic and Number Concepts
Grade 9 Roman Empire
The Romans improved upon Greek building design with two new features. They are:
  1. arches and domes
  2. columns and arches
  3. houses and schools
  4. none of the above
Grade 7 Roman Empire
Grade 3 Social Sciences
Who were the twins raised by a wolf that founded Rome?
  1. Thor and Odin
  2. Zeus and Neptune
  3. Romulus and Remus
Grade 6 US Government
In a Republic Government
  1. People elect the representatives
  2. The people have no power
  3. A dictator rules
  4. The representatives are elected every two years
Grade 9 Absolutism
Grade 11 Applied Arts
Grade 6 Roman Empire
The Pax Romana was known as                 .
  1. Roman principles
  2. Roman people
  3. Roman peace
  4. Roman prices
Grade 10 Medieval Europe
Grade 7 Medieval Europe
Which of the following survived Rome's fall?
  1. The Christian Church.
  2. Roman books.
  3. the republic.
  4. Roman schooling.
Grade 8 Greece
What empire burnt Athens to the ground?
  1. Ottoman
  2. Mongolian
  3. Persian
  4. Roman
Grade 6 Roman Empire
This was the first language of Italy.
  1. English
  2. Latin
  3. Italian
  4. Roman
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