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Roman Empire Questions - All Grades

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The Roman Empire questions below are in the following grade levels:
Grades: 3 6 7 8 9 10
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Grade 7 :: Roman Empire by missyland
The Eastern Roman Empire came to be known as                     
  1. East Anglia
  2. the Middle East
  3. the Byzantine Empire
  4. the Ottoman Empire
Grade 6 :: Roman Empire by kerryod
What was the primary purpose of an aqueduct?
  1. allowed people and animals to cross valleys
  2. delivered water to cities
  3. was designed as a place for gladiators to fight in public
  4. used on a battlefield to conquer land
Grade 6 :: Roman Empire by kerryod
Roman audiences enjoyed public entertainment in the
  1. forum
  2. temples
  3. Palatine
  4. Colosseum
Grade 6 :: Roman Empire by kerryod
Why did a group of Senators murder Julius Caesar?
  1. because he was unpopular
  2. to destroy the Republic and restore a monarchy
  3. they were afraid of him
  4. to prevent him from destroying the Roman Republic
Grade 6 :: Roman Empire by kerryod
Electing tribunes and displaying the Law of the Twelve Tables
  1. benefited tribunes
  2. showed influence of the Etruscans
  3. protected the plebeians against unjust treatment by patricians
  4. violated the constitution hammered out by patricians and plebeians
Grade 6 :: Roman Empire by Qalam
The first Roman emperor was                
  1. Julius Caesar.
  2. Octavius
  3. Constantine I.
  4. Theodosius I.
Grade 6 :: Roman Empire by SGC315
What major change did Augustus make to the Roman Republic?
  1. he replaced it with an empire
  2. he create laws and a fair government
  3. there were many battles and caused the republic to fall
  4. he grew the wealthy class
Grade 10 :: Roman Empire by Qalam
The Roman Republic
  1. granted citizenship and voting rights to all its people
  2. allowed any citizen to hold office
  3. combined elements of democracy, aristocracy, and monarchy
  4. maintained an army of mercenaries
Grade 10 :: Roman Empire by Qalam
Christianity was a threat to Roman rulers because
  1. Jesus preached against Roman rule
  2. Christians refused to worship Roman gods
  3. Christians tried to overthrow Nero
  4. Romans were considered heretics
Grade 10 :: Roman Empire by Qalam
The most enduring contribution of Rome was
  1. its law
  2. the use of aqueducts
  3. its roads
  4. the Latin language
Grade 6 :: Roman Empire by SGC315
Rome's first code of laws that were carved on bronze tablets.
  1. consuls
  2. Law of Nations
  3. Twelve Tables
  4. Pax Romana
Grade 6 :: Roman Empire by SGC315
Augustus was a successful ruler.
  1. True
  2. False
Grade 10 :: Roman Empire by Qalam
The main cause of the collapse of the Roman Republic was
  1. the Punic Wars
  2. the conflict between rich and poor
  3. political assassinations
  4. the tyranny of Julius Caesar
Grade 10 :: Roman Empire by Qalam
Which Roman Emperor built a massive wall across Northern Britain in 122 A.D.?
  1. Marcus Aurelius
  2. Hadrian
  3. Nero
  4. Augustus
Grade 6 :: Roman Empire by kerryod
Upper class in the Roman Empire and was a small group of wealthy land owners.
  1. Patricians
  2. Plebeians
  3. Emperors
  4. Teachers
Grade 6 :: Roman Empire by kerryod
In the Early days of the Roman Republic, this was the main occupation of a citizen.
  1. Farming & Herding
  2. Sewing
  3. Soldiers
  4. Lawyers
Grade 6 :: Roman Empire by kerryod
This group consisted of over 300 men in the Roman government.
  1. Roman Forum
  2. Emperor
  3. Consul
  4. Senate
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