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Fifth Grade (Grade 5) Roman Empire Questions

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Grade 5 Roman Empire
What type of tribes were attacking the Roman borders frequently and relentlessly around the time of the collapse of the empire?
  1. Monarch or King
  2. Germanic or Barbarian
  3. Nobles
  4. They were only attacked after the empire fell.
Grade 5 Roman Empire
By the year 500, the western half of the Roman Empire had fallen. Which of these is NOT a cause of the fall...
  1. Change in climate and weather
  2. Weakening frontiers
  3. Economic and social issues
  4. Political instability
Grade 5 Roman Empire
Grade 5 Roman Empire
What was the Eastern Roman Empire known as?
  1. The Capital of Rome
  2. The Byzantine Empire
  3. Athenian Empire
  4. Median Empire
Grade 5 Roman Empire
Grade 5 Roman Empire
Who fought in the first Punic War?
  1. Rome and Carthage
  2. Athens and Spartans
  3. Roman and Greece
  4. Carthage and Phoenicians
Grade 5 Roman Empire
What does the Pax Romana refer to?
  1. The scrolls containing Roman laws
  2. A treaty between Rome and Greece
  3. The system of Roman government
  4. A period of Roman peace
Grade 5 Roman Empire
Grade 5 Roman Empire
Which emperor divided the Roman Empire because he believed it would keep it safer?
  1. Diocletian
  2. Julius Caesar
  3. Marcus Aurelius
  4. Emperor Caracalla
Grade 5 Roman Empire
What did the Romans build to bring water from the springs to the city?
  1. sewer pipe made out of wood
  2. aqueducts
  3. puquious
  4. special copper pipes
Grade 5 Roman Empire
Where was the first Punic War fought?
  1. Italy
  2. Tunisia, on the coast of Africa
  3. The island of Corsica
  4. The island of Sicily
  5. The island of Sardinia
Grade 5 Roman Empire
Who was the first Roman leader who attempted to conquer Britain?
  1. Titus
  2. Julius Caesar
  3. Caesar Augustus
  4. Nero
Grade 5 Roman Empire
What is the meaning of veto in Latin?
  1. I forbid
  2. I deny
  3. I refuse
  4. I will obey
Grade 5 Roman Empire
According to legend, who founded Rome?
  1. Julius Caesar
  2. Romulus
  3. Remus
  4. Zeus
  5. Cronus
Grade 5 Roman Empire
Who was the last Roman emperor?
  1. Diocletian
  2. Julius Caesar
  3. Constantine
  4. Romulus
Grade 5 Roman Empire
What did the Romans do to the Jewish temple?
  1. They burned it down.
  2. They turned it into a temple to the goddess Athena.
  3. They desecrated the holy relics.
  4. They used it as a hospital for Roman soldiers.
Grade 5 Roman Empire
What did Diocletian and Maximian do that shocked he Roman world?
  1. They divided the Roman Empire.
  2. They invaded Britain.
  3. They crucified two Jewish leaders.
  4. They stepped down as emperors.
Grade 5 Roman Empire
How did the Jewish people feel about being ruled by the Romans?
  1. They loved it since they were not slaves as they were in Egypt.
  2. They loved it because the Romans respected their right to religion.
  3. They hated it because Roman laws were strict and taxes were high.
  4. They hated it because they wanted to live in Jerusalem.
Grade 5 Roman Empire
Where is the city of Carthage?
  1. On the island of Sicily bordering the Mediterranean sea.
  2. On the coast of the Adriatic Sea in the country of Italy.
  3. In the country of Caanan which is modern day Israel.
  4. On the northern coast of Africa in modern day Tunisia.
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