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Fifth Grade (Grade 5) Mythology Questions

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Grade 5 Mythology
Why did the Greeks create myths about their gods and goddesses?
  1. to explain events they could not understand
  2. to make their religion more exciting
  3. to teach their children how to be obedient
  4. to teach moral behaviors
Grade 5 Mythology
The ancient Greeks were polytheistic. What does this mean?
  1. They relied on agriculture to survive.
  2. they believed in one god.
  3. They believed in more than one god.
  4. They believed that some people were gods.
Grade 5 Mythology
Why did Athens become known as the school of Greece?
  1. Athens had the best school system in the country.
  2. because Athena was the goddess of wisdom.
  3. The god of writing taught Athenians how to read and write.
Grade 5 Mythology
Grade 5 Mythology
How did Greeks honor their gods?
  1. Using Oracles
  2. Using Altars
  3. Using Temples
  4. Patrons
Grade 5 Mythology
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