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Fifth Grade (Grade 5) Mesopotamia Questions

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Grade 5 Mesopotamia
Why did Sumerians offer up gifts to the gods?
  1. So they could eat more grapes
  2. So that they were protected
  3. Because they were ashamed all the time
Grade 5 Mesopotamia
What did Leonard Wodley find at Excavation at Ur?
  1. A whole bunch of dirt with worms
  2. A red carpet and shoes
  3. Royal Tombs with gold and siler
Grade 5 Mesopotamia
The five known civilizations of Mesopotamia were
  1. Egyptians, Greeks, Romans, Syrians, Chinese
  2. Sumerians, Akkadians, Babylonians, Assyrians, Persians
  3. Parisians, Egyptians, Romans, Syrians, Greeks
  4. None of the Above
Grade 5 Mesopotamia
The Sumerian picture writing was called
  1. Cuneiform
  2. Heiroglyphics
  3. Papyrus
  4. Clay
Grade 5 Mesopotamia
What two rivers water the Fertile Crescent?
  1. Nile and Tigris
  2. Tigris and Euphrates
  3. Amazon and Euphrates
  4. Indus and Nile
Grade 5 Mesopotamia
Grade 5 Mesopotamia
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