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Seventh Grade (Grade 7) Mesopotamia Questions

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Grade 7 Mesopotamia
The Code of Hammurabi was based on the concept of _____________.
  1. Thou shall not lie
  2. An eye for an eye
  3. be nice to others
  4. cruel and unusual punishment
Grade 7 Mesopotamia
To move things from one place to another, Sumerians built
  1. ziggurats and mosques
  2. canals and dikes
  3. wheeled carts and sailboats
  4. qanata and wadis
Grade 7 Mesopotamia
The Sumerians believed that gods descended to the earth using the ziggurat as a ladder. Based on this sentence, which of the following is true?
  1. The Sumerians were monotheistic.
  2. The Sumerians were polytheistic
  3. The Sumerians were dicots.
  4. The Sumerians were papyrus.
Grade 7 Mesopotamia
Grade 7 Mesopotamia

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Grade 7 Mesopotamia
Who were the first inhabitants of Mesopotamia?
  1. Assyrians
  2. Babylonians
  3. Sumerians
  4. Egyptians
Grade 7 Mesopotamia
The Sumerians built temples to their gods called
  1. pyramids
  2. churches
  3. ziggurats
  4. tombs
Grade 7 Mesopotamia
Grade 7 Mesopotamia
Who were Darius I and Xerxes?
  1. Spartan Kings
  2. Leaders of Athens
  3. Generals of Persian Army
  4. Emperors of Persia
Grade 7 Mesopotamia
Grade 7 Mesopotamia
Grade 7 Mesopotamia
Grade 7 Mesopotamia
Under                          there were laws to cover the adoption of children.
  1. Hammurabi's Code
  2. The King of Uratu's code
  3. Sargon II's code
  4. Gilgamesh's code
Grade 7 Mesopotamia
Grade 7 Mesopotamia
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