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Seventh Grade (Grade 7) Egypt Questions

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Grade 7 Egypt
Why is King Tut's tomb so important to archaeologists?
  1. It was very large
  2. He had 30 wives
  3. It was the only tomb found totally intact
  4. King Tut ruled for 50 years
Grade 7 Egypt
Why was the annual flood of the Nile River important to Egyptian farmers?
  1. It gave them time to rest after harvesting their crops.
  2. It swept away weeds and other trash left on the fields after the harvest.
  3. It left behind silt that helped fertilized the soil.
  4. It enabled them to travel by boat to sell their crops.
Grade 7 Egypt
How did the yearly flooding of the Nile River affect the people of ancient
  1. It washed away homes and forced the people to move to a new location.
  2. It left a strip of fertile land on both sides of the river, and this land was used for
  3. It washed fish up on the shore, and the people gathered and used the fish for food.
Grade 7 Egypt
The world's first nation state was created in
  1. Egypt
  2. India
  3. England
  4. New York
Grade 7 Egypt
Why has Egypt been called the "gift of the Nile"?
  1. The Nile gave them gold and silver
  2. The Nile River gave them everything they needed to survive.
  3. the Egyptians took gifts to the Nile
Grade 7 Egypt
Grade 7 Egypt
Who was the god of the sun?
  1. Anubis
  2. Ma'at
  3. Ra
  4. Horus
Grade 7 Egypt
Who was the god of the dead?
  1. Anubis/Osiris
  2. Ma'at
  3. Ra
  4. Horus
Grade 7 Egypt
Who was the god of the underworld?
  1. Re
  2. Osiris
  3. Horus
  4. Isis
Grade 7 Egypt
Who is known as the Father of Medicine?
  1. Vizier
  2. Ramses II
  3. Khnum
  4. Imhotep
Grade 7 Egypt
What was papyrus used for in Ancient Egypt?
  1. to cook with
  2. to make paper
  3. weapons
  4. to build with
Grade 7 Egypt
What happened when the Egyptian people learned how to control the water?
  1. Thieves came and stole their food.
  2. Egypt began growing food in greater abundance.
  3. They decided to move.
Grade 7 Egypt
Why did pharaohs stop building pyramids and start using the Valley of the Kings for their burials?
  1. Pyramids were too hard to build
  2. They ran out of land
  3. To keep their tombs hidden from tomb robbers
  4. The weather was better in the valley
Grade 7 Egypt
Who discovered King Tut's tomb in 1922?
  1. John Doe
  2. Bob Smith
  3. Glenn Rice
  4. Howard Carter
Grade 7 Egypt

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