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Egypt Questions - All Grades

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Grade 6 Egypt
Egyptian civilization developed on the banks of the Nile because
  1. the sunshine if Africa allowed life to flourish.
  2. the river flooded each year, depositing rich soil on its banks.
  3. the river connected to the Mediterranean Sea.
  4. people were growing crops in the surrounding desert.
Grade 7 Egypt
The world's first nation state was created in
  1. Egypt
  2. India
  3. England
  4. New York
Grade 10 Egypt
The Assyrian Empire lasted                               .
  1. About 100 years
  2. For 1,000 years
  3. Longer than the Persian Empire
  4. A few decades
Grade 7 Egypt
Why was the annual flood of the Nile River important to Egyptian farmers?
  1. It gave them time to rest after harvesting their crops.
  2. It swept away weeds and other trash left on the fields after the harvest.
  3. It left behind silt that helped fertilized the soil.
  4. It enabled them to travel by boat to sell their crops.
Grade 10 Egypt
Phoenician culture is best known for its                        .
  1. Extensive trade network
  2. Shipbuilding
  3. Colonization
  4. Alphabet
Grade 7 Egypt
How did the yearly flooding of the Nile River affect the people of ancient
  1. It washed away homes and forced the people to move to a new location.
  2. It left a strip of fertile land on both sides of the river, and this land was used for
  3. It washed fish up on the shore, and the people gathered and used the fish for food.
Grade 10 Egypt
Egyptian civilization developed
  1. on the shores of the Euphrates River
  2. above the first cataract on the Nile River
  3. in the cool highlands above Victoria Falls
  4. along the banks of the Nile River
Grade 10 Egypt
Egyptian engineers used geometry to
  1. study the stars
  2. calculate the size of stones for use in building pyramids
  3. develop advanced mummification techniques
  4. make the Rosetta Stone
Grade 6 Egypt
Pyramids were built so Egyptians could...
  1. protect their king in the after-life(safe-guard their soul)
  2. To decorate Egypt with beauty
  3. To make sure any person could live on forever
Grade 10 Egypt
Grade 9 Egypt
Who was the first female pharaoh of Egypt?
  1. Akhenaton
  2. Hatshepsut
  3. Tutankhamen
  4. Rames II
Grade 9 Egypt
The Nile River flows in which direction?
  1. North to South
  2. East to West
  3. West to East
  4. South to North
Grade 6 Egypt
Grade 6 Egypt
Who became the first female pharaoh?
  1. Hatshepsut
  2. Arthur
  3. Ra
  4. Zoser
Grade 6 Egypt
The Egyptian writing system that uses thousands of picture symbols
  1. alphabet
  2. cuneiform
  3. hieroglyphics
  4. pictograph
Grade 6 Egypt
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