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Grade 10 Scientific Method
A statement that will describe what will happen under certain conditions.
  1. scientific method
  2. scientific law
  3. scientific investigation
  4. scientific theory
Grade 4 Scientific Method
A hypothesis is
  1. a theory
  2. a scientific law
  3. a opinion or a guess to a scientific question
None Public Health
Which is not a type of Epidemiology study?
  1. Scientific
  2. Observational
  3. Experimental
  4. Descriptive
Grade 7 Scientific Method
An organized plan for gathering, organizing, and communicating information is call the
  1. scientific theory
  2. scientific method
  3. scientific law
  4. a model
  5. a hypothesis
Grade 10 Scientific Method
A broad explanation for the events that is widely accepted as true.
  1. scientific investigation
  2. scientific law
  3. scientific theory
  4. independent variable
Grade 10 Scientific Method
Type of scientific investigation that is performed under controlled conditions.
  1. scientific law
  2. experiment
  3. scientific theory
  4. observation
Grade 10 Scientific Method
Plan for answering questions and testing possible answers and outcomes.
  1. scientific investigation
  2. scientific theory
  3. observation
  4. prediction
Grade 8 Scientific Method
An explanation based on many observations and investigations.
  1. Scientific Law
  2. Scientific Theory
  3. Hypothesis
  4. Conclusion
Grade 5 Author's Purpose
Grade 5 STEM Words
Which is the correct spelling?
  1. scientific
  2. sienctific
  3. sceintific
  4. seintific
Grade 5 Author's Purpose
Grade 8 Space Exploration
College Lab Practices and Tools
Scientific observations:
  1. Can be made directly by humans
  2. Can be made by instrumentation
  3. Are limited to available equipment used to record a natural phenomenon
  4. All of the above
Grade 10 Scientific Method
A body of techniques for investigating natural phenomenon.
  1. scientific method
  2. prediction
  3. experiment
  4. hypothesis
Grade 6 Scientific Method
A list of objects needed for an experiment.
  1. Materials
  2. Hypothesis
  3. Variable
  4. Scientific Method
Grade 5 Scientific Method
Steps to follow to test an idea.
  1. plan
  2. scientific method
  3. organization
  4. hypothesis
Grade 9 Scientific Methods and Applications
A representation of an object or event is called
  1. a scientific law
  2. a model
  3. a hypothesis
  4. a variable
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