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Author: szeiger
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Created: Jul 6, 2015
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How to Play Soccer Without a Net or Goal

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Soccer is a very easy game. You can play it almost anywhere. All you need is a ball. You must also remember not to use your hands. There are a few ways you can play soccer without a large goal/net. None of these methods require a lot of space.

One way is just play keep away. Everyone is on their own team and tries to get the ball from whoever has it. This is similar to a drill. It promotes ball skills. It also helps you become better at dribbling in traffic and avoiding defenders.

Another way to play is to split up into two teams. Put shoes, sticks, or any marker you can find three feet apart. This will create your goal. You don’t need a goalie because it is easy to defend. It is also hard to score in this game. Pass the ball around your team. Avoid your enemies. Try to get to the goal. This helps you play more contained. You will not take any long rocket shots.

A third way to play is to make a juggling circle. This helps improve your ball skills. The goal is to keep the ball of the ground. You cannot touch it more than twice in a row.

Another way to practice/play soccer is a juggling circle it promotes ball skills and juggling as your goal is to keep the ball off the ground without touching it more than twice in a row.

Playing soccer in new ways helps improve your skills. You can become a better player and have fun.
Grade 3 Supporting Details CCSS: CCRA.R.6, RI.3.6
Grade 2 Summarizing CCSS: CCRA.R.8, RI.2.8
The author says the games help you become a better player.
How does playing keep away make you a better player?
  1. It helps you kick the ball.
  2. It helps you score goals.
  3. It helps your dribbling skills.
  4. It helps you get along with others.
Grade 2 Supporting Details CCSS: CCRA.R.8, RI.2.8
How does the second method improve your soccer skills?
  1. It helps you juggle the ball.
  2. It helps you dribble the ball.
  3. It helps you make rocket shots.
  4. It helps you play in a smaller area.
Grade 2 Text Elements CCSS: CCRA.R.7, RI.2.7
What diagram would best help the passage?
  1. types of soccer balls
  2. a standard soccer field
  3. how to dribble
  4. how to make a juggling circle
Grade 2 Author's Purpose CCSS: CCRA.R.6, RI.2.6
What is the author's purpose?
  1. to help kids play soccer
  2. to teach ways to build soccer skills
  3. to show how regular soccer is played
  4. to say a goal is not important in soccer
Grade 2 Author's Purpose CCSS: CCRA.R.6, RI.2.6
Who did the author write this passage for?
  1. Kids who don't like soccer.
  2. Famous soccer players
  3. Kids who want to get better at soccer
  4. Soccer team coaches
Grade 2 Text Elements CCSS: CCRA.R.7, RI.2.7