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Type: Multiple-Choice
Category: Positive and Negative Numbers
Level: Grade 7
Standards: 7.NS.A.1, 7.NS.A.1a
Score: 2
Tags: 7.NS.A.1.a
Author: AaronBeaudoin
Last Modified: 6 months ago

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Positive and Negative Numbers Question

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Grade 7 Positive and Negative Numbers CCSS: 7.NS.A.1, 7.NS.A.1a

If you were to place a point at [math]+2[/math] on the number line, add [math]-5[/math] to that number, and move the point to the location of the new number, how many units and in what direction would you have to move the new point in order to bring it back to where it originally was?
Number Line -5 to 5
  1. 3 units to the right
  2. 5 units to the right
  3. 0 units in either direction
  4. 2 units to the left
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