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Fifth Grade (Grade 5) Asian Geography Questions

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Grade 5 Asian Geography
A country on the continent of Asia is:
  1. Dallas
  2. Guatemala
  3. China
  4. Mississippi
Grade 5 Asian Geography
The two most important rivers in India are the         Indus         River and the          Ganges          River.
Grade 5 Asian Geography
The tallest mountains in the world are found in the             Himalayas            .
Grade 5 Asian Geography
Seasonal winds named for the direction in which they blow or the season in which they occur are called            monsoons           .
Grade 5 Asian Geography
India is divided into        3        parts.
Grade 5 Asian Geography
The three large bodies of water that surround India are the               Arabian Sea              , the                 Bay of Bengal                , and the                Indian Ocean               .
Grade 5 Asian Geography
The three parts of India are the                       Indo-Gangetic Plain                      , the                  Deccan Plateau                 , and the                   Mountain Region                  .
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