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Fifth Grade (Grade 5) Classic Literature Questions

You can create printable tests and worksheets from these Grade 5 Classic Literature questions! Select one or more questions using the checkboxes above each question. Then click the add selected questions to a test button before moving to another page.

Grade 5 Treasure Island
When the treasure was initially discovered on the island, where was it taken immediately?
  1. to the stockade
  2. to a cave
  3. to the river
  4. too the ship
Grade 5 Treasure Island
How does Billy Bones die?
  1. He is killed by Long John Silver.
  2. He is hanged for piracy.
  3. He dies from a stroke brought on by alcohlism and fear.
  4. He is run over by hourses.
Grade 5 Old Yeller
Mamma reminds Travis that he used to tell some whoppers. What does she mean?
  1. Travis used to talk all the times
  2. Travis used to tell tales.
  3. Travis used to throw tantrums.
Grade 5 Treasure Island
How does Ben Gunn frighten the pirates?
  1. He tells them that the treasure map is a hoax.
  2. He frightens them by putting spiders in their beds.
  3. He frightens them by telling them their rum supply has run out.
  4. He frightens then by imitating the dead Flint's voice.
Grade 5 Treasure Island
What did Jim's father do for a living?
  1. He was an innkeeper.
  2. He was a farmer.
  3. He was a lawyer.
  4. He was a pirate.
Grade 5 Old Yeller
What is Travis doing when Arliss meets the bear?
  1. splitting rails
  2. chopping firewood
  3. repairing the fence
Grade 5 Treasure Island
How does Jim move the ship out of sight of the pirate camp on shore?
  1. He cuts it adrift.
  2. He pulls it with his coracle.
  3. He sails it at night.
  4. He bribes the crew with part of the stolen treasure.
Grade 5 Treasure Island
What does the return crew of the Hispaniola do to the remaining three mutineers?
  1. They shoot them.
  2. They go through a trial and are hung.
  3. They're sentenced to labor work for two years in exchange for their freedom.
  4. They're marooned.
Grade 5 Treasure Island
How does Ben Gunn use his share of the treasure?
  1. He spends or loses it in about two and a half weeks.
  2. He gets a good paying job and settles down with a family.
  3. He becomes part owner of a full-rigged ship.
  4. The book never really says what he does with his share.
Grade 5 Treasure Island
Who interrupts Jim's narration and is the storyteller for a while?
  1. Captain Smollett
  2. Long John Silver
  3. Squire Trelawney
  4. Dr. Livesey
Grade 5 Old Yeller
What does Arliss do that upsets his mother?
Grade 5 Old Yeller
How does Mama treat, Arliss' hands after the fish "fins"him?
Grade 5 Old Yeller
What does Travis say the yeller dog will do to Arliss?
Grade 5 Treasure Island
Where is Flint's Treasure, and who finds it?                                                                          In a large chest. Ben Gunn digs it up while he is alone on the Island.                                                                         
Grade 5 Treasure Island
What is Flint's Treasure?                                          Seven hundred thousand pounds in gold.                                         
Grade 5 A Christmas Carol
When did Marley say that the first ghost would visit Scrooge?
  1. On Christmas Eve
  2. The next day, when the bell tolled "One."
  3. At midnight
Grade 5 A Christmas Carol
What happened RIGHT AFTER the ghost of Marley removed the bandage from his head?
  1. His head fell off.
  2. He lower jaw dropped to his chest.
  3. Scrooge became afraid and hid under the bed.
Grade 5 A Christmas Carol
What did Scrooge see when he looked up at the bell?
  1. He saw the bell swinging and ringing.
  2. He saw the bell illuminate.
  3. He saw the image of Marley.
Grade 5 Classic Literature
In the story, Journey to the Center of the Earth, the characters were involved in a type of conflict. Identify the type of conflict and use details from the story to justify your answer.
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