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Databases Questions - All Grades

You can create printable tests and worksheets from these Databases questions! Select one or more questions using the checkboxes above each question. Then click the add selected questions to a test button before moving to another page.

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Grade 8 Databases
To go to cell A1 select
  1. CTRL + A.
  2. CTRL + Page Down.
  3. CTRL + Home.
  4. CTRL + 1.
Grade 8 Databases
Which shortcut allows you to move to the next worksheet (on the right)?
  1. CRTL + PgDn
  2. Shift + PgDn
  3. CRTL + PgUp
  4. Shift + N
Grade 8 Databases
Which shortut will enter the current date?
  1. CRTL + :
  2. CTRL + D
  3. CRTL + ;
  4. CTRL + C
Grade 8 Databases
Which shortcut allows you to undo your last action?
  1. CTRL + Z
  2. CTRL+X
  3. CTRL+ C
  4. CRTL + S
Grade 8 Databases
Which shortcut allows you to select all of the cells in a row from top to bottom?
  1. CRTL + PgDn
  2. Shift + CRTL + Down arrow
  3. Shift + Down Arrow
  4. CRTL + S
Grade 10 Databases
Grade 8 Databases
The fastest way to rename a worksheet is to
  1. double click it.
  2. select Shift + R.
  3. select CRTL + Right Arrow.
  4. right click and then choose rename.
Grade 12 Databases
How do you know if a cell is active or not?
  1. It says active
  2. It is not outlined by a bold rectangle
  3. It is outlined by a bold rectangle
  4. It changes sizes
Grade 12 Databases
Where do you go if you want to print?
  1. File tab
  2. Quick Access Toolbar
  3. No where
  4. Home tab
None Databases
A toolbar that gives you fast and easy access to the tools you use most often in Excel.
  1. Quick Access Toolbar
  2. Dialog Box Launcher
  3. Ribbon
  4. Command Tabs
Grade 8 Databases
To move between two or more open Excel files
  1. Tab + Shift
  2. Tab + Alt
  3. CTRL + Tab
  4. Tab + 2
None Databases
What is a workbook?
  1. A single worksheet in a collection of files.
  2. A folder full of a variety of worksheets.
  3. A book that consists of a large amount of work.
  4. A collection of worksheets in a single file.
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