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Fallen Angels - Historical Fiction - Questions for Tests and Worksheets - Eleventh Grade (Grade 11)

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Grade 11 Fallen Angels
What disturbs Richie Perry the most about his short mission with Charlie Company?
  1. He killed his first VC.
  2. They killed at least a dozen of their own men.
  3. He had to carry the heavy M-60 amo.
  4. He was with a new company.
Grade 11 Fallen Angels
So far we have read that a soldier's experience in Vietnam might include:
  1. drug use
  2. drinking
  3. STDs
  4. boredom
  5. all of the above
Grade 11 Fallen Angels
What do we know about Peewee's life in the World?
  1. His girlfriend dumped him for some one else.
  2. He tried to avoid the draft by running to Canada.
  3. He always had the best sneakers for Basketball.
  4. He wants to use the GI bill for college when he gets back.
Grade 11 Fallen Angels
Two of Alpha Company's commanders (Sargent Stewart and Captain Simpson) are fighting because:
  1. They each want to have the most kills.
  2. They both want to be the first one to go home.
  3. Simpson is ready to go home and Stewart keeps volunteering Alpha Company for dangerous missions so he can become a Major.
  4. They both love the same woman.
Grade 11 Fallen Angels
Grade 11 Fallen Angels
Richie often wishes he did more of what before Nam?
  1. playing Basketball
  2. Helping his Brother
  3. Working out
  4. praying to God
Grade 11 Fallen Angels
Which excerpt is the BEST example of dehumanization?
  1. "I thought that what I needed was to have something more in the World than I had...I needed something real" (84).
  2. "They must have taken a hundred pictures each of the dead VC" (80).
  3. "But the dead Vietnamese soldier, his body sprawled out in the mud was no longer a human being. He was a thing, a trophy" (85).
  4. "We had gone out into the jungle and saw one VC and killed him. Then we came back in time for lunch" (81).
Grade 11 Fallen Angels
A "punji stick" is a Vietnamese weapon that is:
  1. a sharp stick in the tall grass with human or animal sh@! on it so the victim will be infected.
  2. A gun with a bayonette on it.
  3. similar to a machete.
  4. A small needle that is injected at close contact.
Grade 11 Fallen Angels
So far, the rumor among Soldiers is that
  1. the war is pretty much over
  2. they are heading towards heavy combat
  3. more soldiers are coming in to relieve them
  4. Chu Lai is not dangerous
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