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None Management Information Systems Questions

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None Management Information Systems
What term best describes preparing Airmen to succsefuly lead and act in the midst of rapidly evolving environments?
  1. stages of training
  2. cognitive hierarchy
  3. horizon vision document
  4. goal of force development
None Management Information Systems
What outlines the work center description and approved variances for the flights in peacetime?
  1. unit type codes
  2. horzon vision document
  3. airforce manpower standard
  4. manpower force element listsing
None Management Information Systems
Who provides functional expertise and direct customer service to help staff support information managers?
  1. Trainer
  2. supervisor
  3. base functional manager
  4. functional area records manager
None Management Information Systems
What is the most critical piece of the of the information lifestyle?
  1. use
  2. storage
  3. disposiston
  4. dissemintation
None Management Information Systems
Which of the following are ways we manage information in support of information resources?
  1. security and privacy
  2. security and disposition
  3. storage and privacy
  4. storage and disposition
None Management Information Systems
What is the result of correlating and fusing information and assessing its meaning through the application of cognition?
  1. data
  2. service
  3. training
  4. knowledge
None Management Information Systems
What best describes the operation level of force development?
  1. personal
  2. enduring
  3. occupational
  4. organizational
None Management Information Systems
What act provides policy to ensure public access to federal government information?
  1. privacy act
  2. federal records act
  3. paperwork reduction act
  4. freedom of information act
None Management Information Systems
Who are the information managers customers?
  1. information users both internal and external
  2. information users both centralized and decentralized
  3. information providers internal and external
  4. information providers centeralized and decentralized
None Management Information Systems
When may a trainee perform a task unsupervised?
  1. once he or she is task certified
  2. once he or she completes 7 level training
  3. upon completion of inintial skills training
  4. upon notification of selection to promotion to SSGt
None Management Information Systems
Where does the authority for the functions and responsiblitities of information management originate?
  1. Public law only
  2. United States code only
  3. public law and federal statues
  4. United states code and public law
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