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None Physical Education Questions

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None Football
A defensive player catching the ball thrown by an offensive player is called
  1. an interception.
  2. safety.
  3. incomplete pass.
  4. none of the above
None Softball
Runner on 3rd base with less than 2 outs, the batter hits a ground ball to first base. How should the first baseman play it?
  1. Field the ground ball and go step on first base.
  2. Field the ground ball, check the runner, then go step on first base.
  3. Field the ground ball, turn and flip the ball to the second baseman covering first base.
  4. Field the ground ball, run down the line and tag the batter out while keeping on eye on the runner at third base.
None Softball
Winning run is on 3rd base. How should the outfielders play?
  1. Outfielders should play up to have a chance to get the out at home.
  2. Outfielders should play normal depth.
  3. Outfielders should play back and not allow the ball to get over their head.
None Softball
A batter swings and hits the ball. After laying down the bat and running to first, the ball hits the bat in fair territory. What is the call on this play?
  1. The ball remains live, but the batter is out for hitting the ball a second time.
  2. The ball is ruled foul because a bat lying on the ground in the field is ruled as part of dead ball territoy.
  3. Dead ball. The batter is out for hitting the ball a second time.
  4. The ball is live. The batter is not out.
None Fitness
Physical activity done in short, fast bursts is
  1. aerobic
  2. anaerobic
  3. hypokinetic
  4. graded
None Softball
Runner on 3rd base, batter hits a fly ball to centerfield. Centerfielder catchers the ball and the runner at 3rd base tags up. What should the defensive team do?
  1. Centerfield throw the ball all the way home.
  2. Centerfield throw the ball to second base.
  3. Centerfield throw the ball to the cut off man.
None Diet and Nutrition
Food energy is measured in units called
  1. feets.
  2. pounds.
  3. tons.
  4. calories.
None Diet and Nutrition
Sugar and starch are called
  1. proteins.
  2. carbohydrates.
  3. fat.
  4. This test is stupid
None Diet and Nutrition
Two nutrients that do not give off energy are
  1. fats and minerals.
  2. water and vitamins.
  3. I did not study.
  4. carbohydrates and fats.
None Soccer
What statement describes a proper throw-in?
  1. You must throw underhand using both hands, feet don't matter
  2. Both hands must be on the ball behind the head, both feet on ground
  3. You can throw with one hand, but both feet must be on ground
  4. Both hands must be on the ball, you can jump or stand while throwing
None Fitness
With regular exercise, your nervous system
  1. causes your heart rate to be controlled voluntarily
  2. raises your resting heart rate
  3. lowers your resting heart rate
  4. causes your brain to work more efficiently
None Ultimate Frisbee
An interception is when                                                       .
  1. the defense catches the frisbee from the offensive team
  2. the offense catches the frisbee
  3. one team intercepts the other teams strategy
  4. one team steals the other teams plays
None Basketball
Where was the game of basketball invented?
  1. Dallas, TX
  2. New York, NY
  3. Springfield, MA
  4. Bismark, ND
  5. Trenton, NJ
None Basketball
What was the first object used as a hoop?
  1. Buckets
  2. Garbage can
  3. Metal hoops
  4. Old hat
  5. Peach Basket
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