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Continuing Education Military Questions

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Continuing Education Military
What is the body's most necessary nutrient?
  1. Protein
  2. Carbohydrates
  3. Water
  4. Minerals
Continuing Education Military
At what altitude is density of the atmosphere the greatest?
  1. 1,000 feet
  2. 18,000 feet
  3. Sea level
  4. 30,000 feet
Continuing Education Military
Rest is included in which basic human need category?
  1. Safety
  2. Security
  3. Self-Esteem
  4. Physiological
Continuing Education Navy
To manage and supervise people effectively, you must have which of the following leadership skills?
  1. The ability to ignore conflicts among various groups
  2. The ability to listen to and understand what people have to say
  3. The ability to place people in correct racial, ethnic, and religious categories
  4. The ability to substitute generalized ideas about people when you aren't sure of their motives
Continuing Education Military
The physiological significance of Boyle's Law is
  1. it esplains the way in which ascent to altitude induces hypoxia
  2. it forms the conditions which lead to altitude induced bends and chokes
  3. it explains the effects of altitude on the middle ear, sinuses, and GI tract
  4. minimal; the normal human body maintains a near constant temperature
Continuing Education Navy
When "At Ease" which of the following you can do?
  1. Keep interval and distance
  2. No cadence
  3. No talking
  4. Move
Continuing Education Military
Which food is not permitted for a patient who is on a low fat diet?
  1. Cottage cheese
  2. Skim milk
  3. Fried fish
  4. Potatoes
Continuing Education Military
What causes an aircrew member's circadian rhythm to be affected on a cross-country flight?
  1. Changes in weather conditions
  2. Changes in dietary habits
  3. Length of flight
  4. Crossing of time zones
Continuing Education Navy
An element that enables a sea-dependent nation to project it political, economic, and military strengths seaward is known as
  1. Sea power
  2. Naval power
  3. Global strategy
  4. National strategy
Continuing Education Military
In what direction are negative G forces applied to the human body?
  1. Head-to-Foot
  2. Foot-to-Head
  3. Left-to-Right
  4. Right-to-Left
Continuing Education Navy
Block 39 of the performance evaluation is the overall evaluation mark assigned to assess the member's overall value to the Navy. What determines the grade assigned in this block?
  1. The average of all assigned grades
  2. The overall assessment of the individual by the reporting senior
  3. The highest grade assigned in Personal Traits
  4. The lowest grade assigned in Professional Factors
Continuing Education Military
What is the best method for treating the chokes?
  1. Immediately descend to ground level
  2. Breathing 100% oxygen immediately
  3. Descent to a lower altitude until symptoms disappear
  4. Leveling off at present altitude until symptoms subside
Continuing Education Military
What presents the primary source of damage associated with negative G forces?
  1. Distention of the veins in the sinuses
  2. Distention of the jugular veins
  3. Hemorrhage within the eye
  4. Intracranial hemorrhage
Continuing Education Military
Which cause of hyperventilation is characterized by the reversing of your breathing cycle?
  1. Pressure breathing
  2. Hypoxia
  3. Cerebral control
  4. Carbon Monoxide
Continuing Education Military
A risk factor for heart disease that cannot be controlled is
  1. stress
  2. high blood pressure
  3. high blood cholesterol
  4. heredity
Continuing Education Military
Hypoxia is most frequently caused by
  1. airsickness
  2. high G force intolerance
  3. equipment malfunction
  4. increased barometric pressure
Continuing Education Military
Which of the senses of orientation is considered to be reliable in flight?
  1. Proprioceptive
  2. Respiratory
  3. Visual
  4. Vestibular
Continuing Education Military
What is the average age of onset of puberty in males?
  1. 12
  2. 14
  3. 13
  4. 10
Continuing Education Military
Where is the greatest barometric pressure found?
  1. Exosphere
  2. Troposphere
  3. Stratosphere
  4. Ionosphere
Continuing Education Navy
When making duty assignments such as general quarters stations or a cleaning station, who should be assigned responsibility for that duty?
  1. A specific work center
  2. A specific worker
  3. The department
  4. The division
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