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None Programming Questions

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None Programming
What modifiers are allowed for methods in an Interface?
  1. public
  2. protected
  3. final
  4. abstract
  5. void
  6. static
None Programming

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None Programming
None Programming
Where can you download an SSP from?
  1. Remedy Database
  2. Enterprise Product Data Management (EPDM)
  3. Information Assurance Center Of Excellence (IA COE)
  4. IDE
None Programming
What is the Enterprise Product Data Management System?
  1. It is a newly created program that will be used to implement common processes and tools to manage the product development process.
  2. It will allow users to work seamlessly on engineering programs
  3. It will be used to download and upload completed SSPs and profiles for classified systems.
  4. All of the Above
None Programming
When are users on a classified system re-briefed?
  1. Monthly
  2. Weekly
  3. Yearly
  4. Every 6 months
None Programming
None Programming
Who signs a completed User Briefing Acknowledgement for ISSOs?
  1. ISSM
  2. AISSO
  3. Program Manager
  4. None of the Above
None Programming

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