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Fourth Grade (Grade 4) Social Studies Questions

You can create printable tests and worksheets from these Grade 4 Social Studies questions! Select one or more questions using the checkboxes above each question. Then click the add selected questions to a test button before moving to another page.

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Grade 4 Bodies of Water and Continents
The                 river begins in Minnesota and flows through 10 states before reaching the Gulf of Mexico.
  1. Ohio
  2. Missouri
  3. Colorado
  4. Mississippi
Grade 4 Asian Geography
The                 is the longest river in Asia.
  1. Yellow
  2. Ganges
  3. Mekong
  4. Yangtze
Grade 4 Bodies of Water and Continents
What is the longest river in Africa?
  1. Nile
  2. Niger
  3. Congo
  4. Limpopo
Grade 4 American Revolution
Who hired the Hessian soldiers to fight the Revolutionary War?
  1. The Americans
  2. The French
  3. The Native Americans
  4. The British
Grade 4 Civil War
Where did Tubman lead slaves after the passage of the Fugitive Slave Act?
  1. California
  2. New York
  3. Canada
  4. Mexico
Grade 4 Civil War
Tubman fought for women's suffrage, which is another word for what?
  1. Equal pay
  2. The right to vote
  3. The right to own land
  4. The right to an education
Grade 4 Bodies of Water and Continents
Which river runs through the most countries?
  1. Nile
  2. Yangtze
  3. Danube
  4. Amazon
Grade 4 Bodies of Water and Continents
Lake Titicaca is in which mountain range?
  1. Himalayas
  2. Rockies
  3. Andes
  4. Alps
Grade 4 Bodies of Water and Continents
What is the deepest lake in the world?
  1. Lake Chad
  2. Lake Baikal
  3. Crater Lake
  4. Lake Superior
Grade 4 Bodies of Water and Continents
What is the largest inland body of water, or lake, on Earth?
  1. Lake Superior
  2. Caspian Sea
  3. Lake Baikal
  4. Dead Sea
Grade 4 Formation of the USA
The Northwest Ordinance was passed by the                              .
  1. First Continental Congress
  2. First United States Congress
  3. Second Continental Congress
  4. Congress of the Confederation
Grade 4 Exploration
Which explorer led the first expedition up the St. Lawrence River?
  1. John Cabot
  2. Henry Hudson
  3. Jacques Cartier
Grade 4 Civil War
Tubman helped which abolitionist plan his raid on Harper's Ferry?
  1. William Lloyd Garrison
  2. Frederick Douglass
  3. William Seward
  4. John Brown
Grade 4 American Revolution
Join or Die was a cartoon published by Franklin
  1. True
  2. False
Grade 4 Civil War
How many trips did Harriet Tubman take to lead escaped slaves north?
  1. 13
  2. 11
  3. 7
  4. 5
Grade 4 Civil Rights
Chavez started a boycott and asked people not to buy what fruit?
  1. bananas
  2. oranges
  3. cherries
  4. grapes
Grade 4 US History
What is the national bird of the United States?
  1. Cardinal
  2. Bluejay
  3. Bald Eagle
  4. Wild Turkey
Grade 4 US History
The Statue of Liberty was a gift to the United States from which country?
  1. Spain
  2. France
  3. England
  4. Germany
Grade 4 American Revolution
                  commanded the Continental Army.
  1. George Washington
  2. Thomas Paine
  3. Patrick Henry
  4. John Adams
Grade 4 American Revolution
                  was the President of Congress and had the largest signature on the Declaration of Independence.
  1. John Adams
  2. Nathan Hale
  3. Benjamin Franklin
  4. John Hancock
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