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Thanatopsis - Poetry - Questions for Tests and Worksheets - Eleventh Grade (Grade 11)

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Grade 11 Thanatopsis
Who wrote Thanatopsis?
  1. William Cullen Bryant
  2. Henry Wadsworth Longfellow
  3. Oliver Wendell Holmes
  4. James Russell Lowell
  5. Ben Cody
Grade 11 Thanatopsis
According to the poem, what should people do when they feel afraid of death?
  1. Keep very busy and think about life.
  2. Go into Nature and listen to what Nature teaches.
  3. Read poetry about Nature outdoors under the sky.
  4. Spend plenty of time with friends and family.
Grade 11 Thanatopsis
According to the last stanza, how should people regard death?
  1. Happily, as floating on a cloud
  2. Comforted, as surrounded by a quilt
  3. Angrily, as one who has been betrayed
  4. Fiercely, like a slave being forced to do something against his will
Grade 11 Thanatopsis
Which statement best summarizes the cycle described in this poem?
  1. The dead are replaced by the living, who die in turn.
  2. The natural world is destructive.
  3. Nature speaks to us gently, then harshly.
  4. We move from cheerfulness to sorrow and back again
Grade 11 Thanatopsis
In this poem, Nature urges the poet to find comfort in
  1. the fact that he is young and will not die soon
  2. the idea that he will be famous after he dies
  3. knowledge that he will join others as he dies
  4. knowledge that everyone alive fears death
Grade 11 Thanatopsis

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What does the speaker advise us to do when we have thoughts that make us "shudder, and grow sick at heart"?
  1. Try to think about something else
  2. Get help from a friend
  3. Go to counseling
  4. Go outside and listen to Nature's teachings
Grade 11 Thanatopsis
According to the poem, all humans have come from
  1. Nature
  2. God
  3. Phantoms
  4. Our parents
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