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Grade 5

The BFG - Children's Literature - Questions for Tests and Worksheets - Fifth Grade (Grade 5)

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Grade 5 The BFG
What does the BFG stand for?
  1. Big Fat Giant
  2. Big Fierce Giant
  3. Big Friendly Giant
  4. Big Funny Giant
Grade 5 The BFG
Why did the Queen call the King of Sweden?
  1. To warn them about the giants
  2. To get help capturing the giants
  3. To see if the story the BFG told her was true
  4. To ask them about their dreams
Grade 5 The BFG
What does the BFG eat?
  1. Eskimos
  2. meat
  3. Vegetables from the garden by Sophie's village.
  4. Snozzcumbers
Grade 5 The BFG
Why did the BFG take Sophie?
Grade 5 The BFG
All giants are scared of...
  1. Jack
  2. The BFG
  3. Little children
  4. Sophie
Grade 5 The BFG
Why does the BFG not eat humans?
Grade 5 The BFG
How did the Queen reward the BFG and Sophie?
  1. She paid them money.
  2. She built them each a house.
  3. She gave them all the Frobscottle that they could drink.
  4. She built a statue at the palace to honor their bravery.
Grade 5 The BFG
What did Sophie do with the Quen's brooch she was wearing?
  1. Hid it in her pocket so she wouldn't loose it.
  2. Gave it to the BFG.
  3. Left it at the palace for safe keeping.
  4. She rammed the pin into Fleshlumpeater's ankle.
Grade 5 The BFG
What did the BFG bring for the giants to eat?
  1. Bread
  2. Eggs
  3. Snozzcumbers
  4. Frobscottle
Grade 5 The BFG
What book did the BFG write?
  1. The Dream Catcher
  2. The BFG
  3. Giant Country
  4. Snozzcumbers
Grade 5 The BFG
What did Mr. Tibbs use to make the table for the BFG?
  1. Four Grandfather clocks and the top of a ping-pong table.
  2. A large piece of wood held up by large trucks.
  3. The roof of the palace.
  4. They put four regular tables up on blocks.
Grade 5 The BFG
Why did the butler need a ladder?
  1. To climb in the queen's window.
  2. He had to climb up to the helicopter.
  3. He needed it to wash the BFG's face.
  4. He had to climb the ladder to serve the BFG.
Grade 5 The BFG
Why are the BFG's ears so special?
  1. They were small and hairy.
  2. They were very large and could hear the tiniest sound.
  3. He had tires for ears.
  4. He couldn't move them around.
Grade 5 The BFG
Why couldn't the BFG stop the other giants from eating humans?
  1. He was friends with the other giants.
  2. He was much smaller than the other giants.
  3. He thought they might kick him out of giant country.
  4. He was far bigger than the other giants and was afraid to hurt them.
Grade 5 The BFG
Where did Sophie hide when the Bloodbottler came into the cave?
  1. Behind a rock
  2. In the snozzcumber
  3. In the BFG's pocket
  4. Under a chair
Grade 5 The BFG
What was the BFG doing as he walked down the street?
  1. He stealing dreams from sleeping children.
  2. He was looking for something to eat.
  3. He was whistling a song.
  4. He was blowing in good dreams.
Grade 5 The BFG
What does BFG stand for?
  1. Best Friend Ghost
  2. Big Fierce Giant
  3. Big Friendly Giant
  4. Blue Fast Giant
Grade 5 The BFG
What does the BFG put on the front of each dream jar?
  1. The name of the dream.
  2. If it is a good or bad dream.
  3. Details about the dream.
  4. If the dream is for a boy or girl.
Grade 5 The BFG
Why did the BFG want the Bloodbottler to take a bite of the snozzcumber?
  1. He thought that it would taste so badly that the Bloodbottler would leave the cave in disgust.
  2. He thought that the Bloodbottler would love them so much that they would become friends.
  3. He thought the Bloodbottler would like snozzcumbers.
  4. He wanted the Bloodbottler to find Sophie.
Grade 5 The BFG
What did the other giants think that the BFG was doing when he left during the day?
  1. To go search for food.
  2. To catch little children to keep as pets.
  3. To go pick snozzcumbers.
  4. To go to dream country.
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