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Online Self-Paced Writing Lessons

Online Self-Paced Lessons from

Our collection of ELA lessons is designed to help students build core grammar, reading, and writing skills. Topics range from understanding relative pronouns to summarizing key details in a text and constructing a quality paragraph.

Our lessons for middle/high school students are meant for self-directed online learning. Many of our lessons contain a short introduction, followed by an embedded video created by Help Teaching team or obtained with permission from sources, such as Khan Academy,, and Bozeman Science and links to other free online resources to help students understand the topic. Lessons without a video source noted are text and image-based, similar to what students would find in a textbook. All lessons also include practice questions to use for pre-assessment and practice, as well as links to longer, more formal tests and worksheets to assess what students have learned.

Assigning lessons is simple and doesn't require students to have accounts. Help Teaching subscribers can assign lessons to students by selecting the "Assign Lesson" icon and monitor student progress in our online testing platform, Test Room.

Lessons labeled with use Help Teaching original videos and are accessible to Pro subscribers only. Become a Pro Subscriber to access these lessons and hundreds of standards aligned worksheets.

Video Sources: help teaching Help Teaching khan academy Khan Academy educator Other (may contain ads we do not control)
Lesson Name Grade Time
Acrostic Poems Grade 3 15-30 min assign
help teaching Concrete Poetry Grade 5 15-30 min assign
List Poetry Grade 6 15-30 min assign
help teaching Conducting an Internet Search Grade 8 15-30 min assign
help teaching Digital Copyright Grade 8 15-30 min assign
help teaching Parts of a Song Grade 8 15-30 min assign
help teaching Search Operators Grade 8 15-30 min assign
help teaching Elements of Rap Grade 9 15-30 min assign
Spoken Word Poetry Grade 9 60-120 min assign
E-mail Etiquette Grade 12 15-30 min assign
help teaching Social Media Tips Grade 12 15-30 min assign
help teaching i.e. vs e.g. Grade 12 15-30 min assign