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Fourth Grade (Grade 4) Adjectives Questions

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Grade 4 :: Adjectives by Mallie
Which word is an adjective?
  1. gorgeous
  2. ourselves
  3. surprise
  4. hiking
Grade 4 :: Adjectives by stacij
We saw                     dogs walk by with their owners.
  1. two spotted hunting
  2. spotted two hunting
  3. two hunting spotted
  4. spotted hunting two
Grade 4 :: Adjectives by thaliaj936
Identify the adjective(s) in the sentence below.

Mom baked two dozen cookies for the Christmas party.
  1. Mom; Christmas
  2. baked; dozen; Christmas
  3. two; dozen; Christmas
  4. Christmas
Grade 4 :: Adjectives by RWilliams03
Our best swimmers kick                .
  1. most harder
  2. more hard
  3. hardest
  4. harder
Grade 4 :: Adjectives by RWilliams03
Olympic stars swim                 of all.
  1. faster
  2. more fast
  3. more faster
  4. fastest
Grade 4 :: Adjectives by mm311
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