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Fourth Grade (Grade 4) Adjectives Questions

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Grade 4 :: Adjectives by Mallie
Which word is an adjective?
  1. gorgeous
  2. ourselves
  3. surprise
  4. hiking
Grade 4 :: Adjectives by stacij
We saw                     dogs walk by with their owners.
  1. two spotted hunting
  2. spotted two hunting
  3. two hunting spotted
  4. spotted hunting two
Grade 4 :: Adjectives by thaliaj936
Identify the adjective(s) in the sentence below.

Mom baked two dozen cookies for the Christmas party.
  1. Mom; Christmas
  2. baked; dozen; Christmas
  3. two; dozen; Christmas
  4. Christmas
Grade 4 :: Adjectives by RWilliams03
Our best swimmers kick                .
  1. most harder
  2. more hard
  3. hardest
  4. harder
Grade 4 :: Adjectives by RWilliams03
Olympic stars swim                 of all.
  1. faster
  2. more fast
  3. more faster
  4. fastest
Grade 4 :: Adjectives by stacij
Which sentence are the adjectives written in the correct order?
  1. Many white plump sheep roam the grasslands.
  2. Plump white many sheep roam the grasslands.
  3. Many plump white sheep roam the grasslands
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