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Third Grade (Grade 3) Adjectives Questions

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Grade 3 :: Adjectives by Mallie
Which word is an adjective?
  1. run
  2. color
  3. beautiful
  4. boy
Grade 3 :: Adjectives by szeiger
He was a                      man.
  1. English, young, silly
  2. silly, young, English
Grade 3 :: Adjectives by Mallie
Which sentence has an adjective?
  1. The girl ran into the lake.
  2. Sally and Billy walked the dog.
  3. Who put the canoe on the car?
  4. The boys rode horses through the tall grass.
Grade 3 :: Adjectives by Mallie
Granite is the                 rock.
  1. hardest
  2. softest
  3. most expensive
  4. cheapest
Grade 3 :: Adjectives by gmosher
Which of the following uses "blue" as an adjective?
  1. The blue bird sang all day long.
  2. My horse's name is Blue.
  3. Blue is my favorite color.
Grade 3 :: Adjectives by eantido
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