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Sixth Grade (Grade 6) Biomes Questions

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Grade 6 Biomes
Grade 6 Biomes
What is a biome?
  1. Something that is considered hazardous.
  2. A small mushroom tree.
  3. Ecosystems with similar rainfall, temperature, and water depth.
  4. The distance from the equator.
Grade 6 Biomes
Grade 6 Biomes
Which statement is true for the biome map?
Biomes With Text Labels
  1. Desert is always located next to Savana
  2. Steppe and Tropical rainforest are both located along the equator
  3. Taiga and Tundra are both located in the Northern Hemisphere
  4. Mediterranean vegetation is the biome which covers the largest area
Grade 6 Biomes
Grade 6 Biomes
Grade 6 Biomes
What are the two types of tundra biomes?
  1. Permafrost and Extract
  2. Arctic and Alpine
  3. Frozen and Thawed
  4. Covered and Uncovered
Grade 6 Biomes
Which climate would most likely have the greatest variety of animals living in it?
  1. cold and dry
  2. warm and dry
  3. cold and moist
  4. warm and moist
Grade 6 Biomes
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