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Ninth Grade (Grade 9) Biomes Questions

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Grade 9 Biomes
What are the three main biomes in North Carolina?
  1. Water, Sun, Soil
  2. Coastal Plains, Piedmont, Appalachian Mountains
  3. Appalachian Mountains, Beach, Ocean
  4. Tundra, Forest, Desert
Grade 9 Biomes
Which of these identifies a biome?
  1. average precipitation and temperature
  2. characteristic community of organisms, particularly plants.
  3. distance from the equator
  4. specific geographical location
Grade 9 Biomes
Greenland is an example of this biome.
  1. prairie
  2. temperate desert
  3. savanna
  4. tundra
Grade 9 Biomes
Grade 9 Biomes
Which of the following best defines climate?
  1. Average day to day conditions in an ecosystem
  2. Average conditions of an ecosystem over a year long period
  3. current temperature of a pond
  4. average temperature of a organisms habitat
Grade 9 Biomes
Grade 9 Biomes
This biome has a layer of permafrost.
  1. desert
  2. savanna
  3. tundra
  4. prairie
Grade 9 Biomes
Grade 9 Biomes
Grade 9 Biomes
Which biome is characterized by having a layer of permafrost?
  1. Rainforest
  2. Tundra
  3. Taiga
  4. Temperate Forest
Grade 9 Biomes
Grade 9 Biomes
This biome has four distinct seasons, mild climate, and deciduous trees.
  1. Desert
  2. Taiga
  3. Temperate Deciduous Forest
  4. Temperate Grassland
Grade 9 Biomes
Two biomes with the least amount of precipitation are called                               .
  1. Tundra and Taiga
  2. Taiga and Desert
  3. Desert and Tundra
  4. Tundra and Temperate Grassland
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