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Fourth Grade (Grade 4) Biomes Questions

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Grade 4 Biomes
Which best describes what makes one ecosystem different from another?
  1. The amount of soil, water, buildings, and humans
  2. The amount of carbon dioxide, oxygen, water, and soil
  3. The amount of animals, oxygen, plant life, and pollution
  4. The amount of sunlight, rainfall, temperature, and species types
Grade 4 Biomes
Grade 4 Biomes
Where are grasslands found?
  1. deserts
  2. polar climates
  3. both temperate and tropical climates
Grade 4 Biomes
What do polar ecosystems not have?
  1. soil
  2. animals
  3. water
  4. ice
Grade 4 Biomes
Which is another term for a prairie biome?
  1. taiga
  2. forest
  3. tundra
  4. grassland
Grade 4 Biomes
What is a tundra?
  1. areas where land and water meet; always wet
  2. a very dry area that is mostly hot during the day
  3. place with many trees and abundant food for animals
  4. a place with sparse vegetation and is cold throughout the year
Grade 4 Biomes
Of which of these do desert ecosystems have very little?
  1. sand
  2. rainfall
  3. conditions
  4. living things
Grade 4 Biomes
What might an ecosystem that has mostly pine or spruce trees be called?
  1. mountain forest
  2. evergreen forest
  3. deep woods
  4. green woods
Grade 4 Biomes
What is the top layer of the rainforest?
  1. shrub
  2. canopy
  3. emergent
  4. understory
Grade 4 Biomes
Grade 4 Biomes
Which of these describe a prairie ecosystem? Select all that apply.
  1. temperatures are very low
  2. receives more rainfall than deserts, but less than forests
  3. home to animals that feed on grass
  4. ice covers the land surface
Grade 4 Biomes
Which of these are consumers in a coral reef system?
  1. algae
  2. clown fish
  3. monkeys
  4. bacteria
Grade 4 Biomes
Why do the animals of the chaparral need plants?
  1. because they are pretty
  2. for food, water, and shelter
  3. so that they can make new plants
Grade 4 Biomes
Grade 4 Biomes
Which of these describe a polar ecosystem? Select all that apply.
  1. ice covers the land surface
  2. temperatures are very low
  3. has a lot of sunlight and rainfall
  4. very little rainfall
Grade 4 Biomes
Which statement about forests is NOT true?
  1. They provide a habitat for many organisms
  2. They are a valuable resource
  3. They release nutrients into the air
  4. They release oxygen into the air
Grade 4 Biomes
Which habitat is NOT found in Virginia?
  1. Forests
  2. Mountains
  3. Streams
  4. Deserts
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