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Ninth Grade (Grade 9) Culture Questions

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Grade 9 Culture
Zero population growth occurs when                                             .
  1. The death rate is higher than the birth rate
  2. The birth rate is equal to the death rate
  3. The death rate is lower than the birth rate
  4. The birth rate is higher than the death rate
Grade 9 Culture
Dravidian, Indo-European, and Nilo-Saharan are examples of                   .
  1. Cultural diffusion
  2. Ethnic groups
  3. Culture hearth
  4. Language families
Grade 9 Culture
Which of these statements explains why there are many different customs in the United States?
  1. There are many factories in the United States
  2. The economy produces many different customs
  3. As a country grows older, it develops more customs
  4. People from many places brought their customs here
Grade 9 Culture
Which of these is NOT part of a person's culture?
  1. height
  2. language
  3. foods
  4. holidays
Grade 9 Culture
The ability to speak two languages is                     .
  1. Bilingual
  2. Nation of Immigrants
  3. Megalopolis
  4. Dominion
Grade 9 Culture
Grade 9 Culture
Grade 9 Culture
Identify the best definition of patois:
  1. Broken English vernacular or dialect
  2. Language of all reggae musicians
  3. Mixture of Creole and French dialects
  4. Language brought to Jamaica from Britain
Grade 9 Culture
How many languages are spoken world wide?
  1. between 3,000 to 6,500
  2. 5000
  3. 4
  4. 871
  5. 5
Grade 9 Culture
A term that economists use to describe and measure personal and collective wellbeing is known as:
  1. Quality of Life
  2. Term of Endearment
  3. Personal Objective
  4. Collective Action
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