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Seventh Grade (Grade 7) Culture Questions

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Grade 7 Culture
Define the term Culture
  1. A people’s way of life, including beliefs, customs, food, dwellings, and clothing
  2. A vast, treeless plain in the Artic regions with very cold winters, cold summers, and little rain or snow.
  3. Useful material found in nature, including water, vegetation, animals, and minerals.
  4. Movement by people from one place to another with intentions of settling in new location.
Grade 7 Culture
Grade 7 Culture
The spread of beliefs, institutions, or skills of one society
  1. cave paintings
  2. bronze
  3. cultural diffusion
Grade 7 Culture
Grade 7 Culture
Grade 7 Culture
Many Cultures
  1. resource
  2. multicultural
  3. region
  4. latitude
Grade 7 Culture
Grade 7 Culture
A record of the past.
  1. culture
  2. history
  3. artifact
Grade 7 Culture
This is a way of organizing people of a society into smaller groups.
  1. Technology
  2. Social Structure
  3. Ethics
  4. Democracy
Grade 7 Culture
Grade 7 Culture
A particular group's individual skills, customs, and ways of doing things are called
  1. Socialism
  2. Representative Democracy
  3. Technology
  4. Cultural Landscape
  5. Cultural Traits
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