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Seventh Grade (Grade 7) Map Components Questions

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Grade 7 Map Components
What lines of latitude determine the "tropics"?
  1. Prime Meridian and Equator
  2. Prime Meridian and International Dateline
  3. Tropic of Cancer and Tropic of Capricorn
  4. Arctic Circle and Antarctic Circle
Grade 7 Map Components
Grade 7 Map Components
What is the main problem with using a map to represent the earth?
  1. It is too small
  2. Distortion occurs
  3. You can't tell what type of map it is
  4. Scales are not accurate
Grade 7 Map Components
A road map is an example of a
  1. special purpose map
  2. political map
  3. physical map
  4. relief map
Grade 7 Map Components
Grade 7 Map Components
Grade 7 Map Components
A person who makes maps.
  1. map
  2. longitude
  3. cartographer
  4. equator
Grade 7 Map Components
Grade 7 Map Components
One of the different ways of showing earth's curved surface on a flat map.
  1. equator
  2. Map Projection
  3. cartographer
  4. Prime Meridian
Grade 7 Map Components
A scale shows
  1. direction on a map
  2. distance on a map
  3. provides a key of symbols
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